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The future of commerce is consumer-centric
The future of commerce is consumer-centric


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Nearly half of all Australians were charged more than they expected in their last electricity bill, and many are falling behind on other bills to keep the lights on.
The problems were particularly acute in Victoria, with about two-thirds saying their bills had increased.

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Bill shock for over a third of SA households?

Gert a better deal with

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A win for Australian energy consumers: SOUTH Australia has won a national rule change to stop electricity generators manipulating the market to artificially create price rises that cost householders about $300 a year.

Energy pricing is hard to keep track of - let help you with 100% coverage of all offers from all retailers, unbiased rankings, and a truly buyer-centric approach - no hard sell, no unwanted phone calls. Just great information and good service.

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The parties are finally over for 2015, and its time to get organised for the new year.

One of the easy things you can do is make sure some of your basic household expenses are in order, and is a great way to help make sure you're getting a good deal on your energy bills.

Grouply is the smarter way to buy better, together with other households like yours:

We provide unbiased comparison of the entire market, all the products from all the retailers in Australia, not just the ones we have commercial relationships with.

Our innovative 'WattPrice' methodology delivers simple like-for-like price comparison for every energy product. For the first time, there is an equivalent unit price or comparison approach for energy products

And we have a strong privacy stance and a 'no hard sell' policy. You can use our complete service for free, and without having to hand overt any personal info. You'll never be harassed by unwanted sales calls for us.

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Post has attachment now compares retail Gas as well as Electricity offers, from all the retailers in Australia. Get unbiased insight into the energy products available to you from all the retailers in the market.

Free, unbiased, comprehensive, with no hard sell.

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Ad agencies have lost sight of what made the industry valuable in the first place

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Sick of being gouged on your energy bills? Find a better deal with Grouply. #WattPrice #BuyBetterTogether

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1 in 3 energy customers not achieving discount terms? Find the right deal for you with @GrouplyEnergy #WatttPrice

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Your power bill explained: Buy energy better, together with @GrouplyEnergy #WattPrice

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