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The Start of a New Year
The Christmas holidays have flown by again and as soon as
you get in the routine of  sleeping in
later and not having to rush about in the mornings, it’s time to go back to
school.  It’s been a shock to the system
this week to wake up at 6am, but at least i...

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December has seen the arrival of Stampy McSprinkle
The Elf on the Shelf tradition that seems to be sweeping the
country would not take off in our house, as our ASD kids would not be happy
seeing their possessions being messed around by an elf each night.  Instead of causing excitement, it would cause
a melt...

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Choosing GCSE Options
Last Thursday I attended a GCSE options evening with our
daughter to help her decide which subjects she wants to take.  She’s had it all mapped out in her head for
some time as to what route she wants to take, but now after listening to
various teachers, sh...

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Build up to Christmas
been reminded how many days there are until Christmas in our house since June
by our daughter.   It’s always the first
thing she thinks of after she has celebrated her birthday.   Now finally it is fast approaching and advent
calendars have gone up tod...

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Life is slowly getting back to normal
It’s been a while since my last post.   Eight days in hospital with hardly any sleep
due to pain and being on a noisy ward plus not being able to eat much took its
toll on me.   It’s taken a few weeks for
me to feel half human again and to have the strength...

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New School Year
Three weeks in to the new school year and life is moving at
a fast pace.   Homework for all three
children has gone up a level with our eldest two having homework set online
which they aren’t necessarily told about and so need to get into the habit of check...

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Summer Holidays are nearly over!!
The summer holidays have sped by this year and on Tuesday the kids will be back to school.  It's scary how quick the time has disappeared but we have also done so much in the past 5 1/2 weeks and our bucket lists have been ticked off.  Notable highlights ha...

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Rollover Day Success
Our daughter attended two rollover days last week to her new
upper school.  After making the decision in
October last year to go to a new school without her friends, we were
anticipating last week to be difficult and that she would put up a resistance
to at...

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We Survived the Month of June!
June is by far the most stressful month in our year with
both our ASD children celebrating their birthdays and our youngest son’s annual
statement review. Our daughter said I ruined her birthday as I made her attend a transition visit to her upper school th...

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Busy time ahead
It has been a few weeks since I last wrote my blog.  Recovering from being in hospital during the Easter holidays has taken longer than I expected.  In the last month I have had two more hospital appointments and I have another one on Monday and surgery is ...
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