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Take a look at the concept art... Dinosaurs. <3

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I used to be impressed...

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I think this means the cycling season is over.


I'm getting fed up with gmail -- mail for google domains, to be exact, I suppose. The latest interface changes were the last straw, and I'm looking for alternatives. Any suggestions?


* I don't want to play sysadmin for my mailhost. I'm happy to set up the MX records for my domain pointing in the right place, and I'm happy to deal with configuration issues that relate to /how/ things work. I don't want to administer the box, or be responsible for things working in general.

* IMAP is pretty much a must. If everything else is /really/ good it could be negotiable.

* Non-horrible web-based mail interface is pretty much a must. If everything else is /really/ good it could be negotiable. Gmail isn't good enough that their current interface would be tolerable any more.

* Programmable filters. Either something braindamaged like gmails, or procmail, or something.

* Secure, reliable. A privacy and backup policy I can trust. Easy for me to make personal backups.

* Reasonable cost. If what I get is really nice, I might be willing to pay 30EUR per month. If what I get is less nice, but OK... then less.

Fever thoughts: I more and more regard paper-and-ink books as cheap and primitive special purpose readers. Something you can be cavalier about, because they degrade gracefully and are fairly rugged.

(Even an expensive book tends to be cheap compared to a tablet or a smartphone, though kindle prices are starting to overlap the bloody-expensive-hardcover range.)

Books available /only/ on paper are even more so, except you can only access them through this special device, which becomes a truly obnoxious form of DRM (ARM?) -- making it unnecessarily hard to make backups, requiring me to carry the special reader around in order to just read the damn thing, and risking losing the whole work when I borrow it.

Don't get me wrong. I think there's a very definite role for these rugged special purpose readers, and I love them dearly, but they ain't /books/. We've just been confusing them with books because they were the dominant delivery system for so long.

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3D printing in the desert, using sand as feedstock. Pretty awesome.

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Merry Yuletide, everyone.

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A handy* guide from the BBC on the origins of the Eurozone crisis and why cutting spending is bad, but not cutting spending is probably worse.

* NB: anything handy is also likely to be quite simplistic.

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Puhuin joululaulujen lomassa pitkän linjan demarivaikuttajan kanssa. Ihmeteltiin siinä, kun ei Lipposen kampanja lähde lentoon. Kysyin ihan piruuttani, olisiko niin, että kokoomuksella on jo ennestään kohtuullinen ehdokas ilman Lippostakin.

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