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Want to see real world results of the Formaldehyde testing of e-cigarettes? Here's an analytical report provided by Enthalpy Analytical sponsored by Innokin:

YES, formaldehyde was still found while using a CE4 clearomizer and pushing it beyond the threshold of where someone would be willing to vape it. However, in the original study, NEJM didn't bother mentioning that the CE4 being vaped at those voltages would have produced a flavor so foul that nobody would realistically continue vaping it.

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Texas 801 Fusion Tank Kit
About: The first time trying the Boge 801 Fusion cartomizer, we were very impressed with the performance and couldn't believe the amount of vapor that you could get from a simple single coil cartomizer design. These cartomizers are very impressive at a wide variety of voltages but we find that they perform best closest to 8 watts of total power. Some of you might be wondering what that means exactly? Well, if you are using the standard resistance version (2.9Ω ± .2Ω) of this tank, you will likely want to be able to vape around 5 volts or so for optimal performance (other factors weigh heavily into the performance as well though). If you are running these on a stardard eGo or a similar 3.3 - 3.7V device, you may opt for trying the low resistance version (2.2Ω ± .2Ω) of these tanks for better performance.

What's Included?: 
- Texas 801 Fusion™ Tank with Aluminum End Caps
- Pre-Punched Boge 801 Fusion Cartomizer
- High Polished Aluminum Drip Tip
- 10ml Needle Tipped Dropper Bottle
- Shorty 510 Battery - 801 Atomizer Adapter

Be one of the first vapers to get your hands on one today!

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this guy is a beast on piano, check it out, I promise you will not regret it

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Just thought that I would share the news that we've got the new Joyetech eGo-C Twist Batteries in stock! Variable Voltage vaping at a fraction of the cost that you would typically see in a device with these capabilities.

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A very friendly customer decided to do a review of one of our liquids! Check it out, he's even vaping on the new eGo-C (not from us, but still very exciting)! Those should be in stock on our store Sunday!

Anyways, please give Shannon's video a view. His reviewing style is great and seems like a solid up and coming reviewer!

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Check Out +Cj Catchillar 's review of some of our liquids!

Okay, we've been working on getting this set up for a couple days and finally got it to the point where we are ready to introduce it here.

Please head over to the new TSV Forum and introduce yourself. We are hosting this forum for the community and expect everyone to be respectful of others and be peaceful. This is a no-bull place to hang out and chit chat about random things regarding products, answering questions, and generally getting to know one another.

We encourage you to create an account and start checking in from time to time to see what is going on! Thank you for your support!

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Here's a link to the most recent newsletter that we sent out in case you didn't receive the newsletter and would like to take a look.
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