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Trump's Chaotic First Month
Trump & Putin - best of pals? Now that General Flynn has been fired (read resigned) of lying about his contacts with the Russians to the Vice , it looks like I am beginning to see what might undo the Trump presidency - LEAKS! There seems to be competing pow...

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Why Is Abortion NOT Murder?
Okay, today's topic is ABORTION.  First of all, I am male and so I know that for this topic, a lot of people. mostly women, are going to discount or disregard my view purely based on the fact of my gender. So I am going to approach this discussion different...

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Adios Obama : A Changing Of The Guard
Outgoing 44th POTUS Barack Obama (right) & Incoming 45th POTUS Donald Trump (left). B efore Obama was sworn in as president in January of 2009, there were many African-Americans who were of the opinion that a black man (or a half-white man as the case may b...

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Happy New Year 2017
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Wheww, we finally came to the end of 2016 and now I want to heartily welcome you to a brand new year 2017. May God keep and guide you in this new year and grant you success and victory, as he sees fit, in your endeavors. Have a happy new ...

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Proxima B: Another Earth?
An artist's illustration of Proxima B showing her sun, Proxima Centauri As the search for life outside planet Earth continues relentlessly, the Huffington Post reports the discovery of yet another exoplanet that might be able to support life! An Earth-like ...

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Donald J.Trump: Categorically Unfit To Rule
Republican Presidential Nominee: Donald J. Trump When I said sometime in the past that Donald Trump is the most idiotic, most clueless buffoon to ever run for president of the US, some people thought I was being hyperbolic. The truth is that this man is wor...

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When A Rogue Challenges A Thief
In what can only be described as a theater of the absurd, P resident Muhammadu Buhari is now challenging former President Ibrahim Babangida: One cannot help but chuckle at Buhari's temerity for demanding accountability from President Babangida. I had always...

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Black Lives Really Do Matter
There are lots of spurious, demeaning and harmful lies circulating in some aspects of the media, and in many exclusively or majority white enclaves/establishments, about the Black Lives Matter movement. Only the irredeemably obtuse, or shameless contemptibl...

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Change, Thy Name Is Death!
Sometimes I let my mind roam. When I do, I find myself pondering some issues. Well, now I am thinking of that cold inevitable destiny of all living flesh—Death. Yes, it is a topic that people shy away from for its transparently gloomy nature. But if we are ...

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Countering Anti-#BLM Lies
I saw a post on Facebook by one of my Facebook friends in Canada regarding the Black Lives Matter (#BLM) movement which pleasantly surprised me because of how accurately she was able to capture the essence of the movement especially now that we are noticing...
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