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Ok so some guy just messages me with "hi girl, my name is sexy. You up what" You are kidding right?? Is that how men really think a conversation should start? Better yet does he really think I would have anything short of a smartass answer in reply to that one? Lmao!
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What a douche.. Lol :-) got to be a little classier than that.. SMH :-(
I bet he would....oooo yo quiero poner esa banana en tu culo papi
Lmao yeah really....probably better than the banana...a little messy lololol ew
+Fabio A. Santos Jr. me laughing at him and reposting his sorry pick up to all my friends who she laughing at him too now. Wonder how old he is...15? Lol!!
+Michelle Bryant -- No pic. lame, lame, lame. I don't talk to anyone that doesn't have a pic. That was his 1st mistake and he was doomed shortly thereafter with you.. Lol :-)
+Fabio A. Santos Jr. So true lol! Sorry but what kind of creeper doesn't post a pic? +gabriel castaneda you got that right....there are some real freaks over there. I use that for family and even then...well ya gotta know my family lol!!
Ha ha I love it!!! Too the way I usually jump up and down on fuego taquis and go ape shit....I love the feel of them between my toes.....
Juan Alberto totally stole that line from my voice mail message. Bastard!

I guess I need to change it now. I'll one-up him, "hi girl, my name is MOST sexy."