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Immortality or Death
Immortality or Death

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Just read this article, after having it recommended to me by multiple friends and acquaintances. Conclusion: True and False.

It is a market of ever-specialized, concentric products, ending with the public-self, but the author seems to value creativity, demand its rightful predominance in culture, but hates that this has come about in a voluntary system that rewards the artists directly.

Rather, according to his so-stated "progressive politics", the author would prefer a forced, pre-determined technocratic art and culture - wherein no incentives to coexist peacefully and amicably exist (beyond survival/escape from pain/upsetting the status quo)- let alone any reason to present and repackage new and old ideas with anything nearing the astounding beauty that Steve Jobs had the nerve to offer - and that the world at large had the gall to rejoice in.

Why is it only noble to bring something new to the market in some unimaginably abhorrent package? Why scoff at the fact that the tool-box of this renaissance includes strategies of sourcing, dispersing, targeting, and complex systems of specialization in unique combinations of skills, services, products, information and beautification according to the intended audience?

I refer the author to Walter Block's defense of The Advertiser in his work, Defending the Undefendable.

If the 'Bobo' or Hipster generation is in search of a rebellion, let it be against legal restraints and for the freedom to create, associate and integrate.

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Don't 'Buy Local', Do Love Soup:

My Go-To - Michael Bulkowski's Go-To Lunch

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currently considering...

G r o w t h , C h a n g e a n d I n d i v i d u a l i s m
S o c i a l C o n t r a c t s - cheating v. customization & living documents :
Transparency v. Internal Non-Disclosure, Specialization and Social-Product-Life-Cycles (SPLC)... C o s t B e n e f i t A n a l y s i s :

C o s t s :
Shorter SPLC = Higher Cost ( $$R&D + Unpredictability ) ;
Longer SPLC = Lower Cost ( $R&D + Tried & True (trust & predictability))

B e n e f i t s :
TBD by social entrepreneurs...
Depending on micro->macro applications and technological advancements in relation to social frontiers, the predominance of inert, evolutionary psychology and physiology, and economic paradigm shifts (i.e. Industrial Revolution & women and children; Digital Age and globalization)...

A n a l y s - i s h :
Savings -> Wealth -> Division of Labor (diversified innovation) -> Marginal Revolution of Efficient-Lifestyles-Bespoke (individualized solutions)

Q u e s t i o n s :
Circumstantial Ethics...
Virtual Reality (internal/external - separate/integrated)

R e l a t e d :

Dan Ariely - Finding Cheating's "Comfort Level"

The Division of Labor and Social Order | Jörg Guido Hülsmann

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What Bryan Caplan's new book ( ) failed to account for, is that playing Raymond Scott for any baby, will hyper-evolve them into uber-human, super-geniuses, guaranteed.

Raymond Scott : Tempo Block ~ Sleepy Time
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