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Lynette Miles
Sarcastic ASL-using book-writing Drupalling knitting mom.
Sarcastic ASL-using book-writing Drupalling knitting mom.

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ok. this is pretty cute.

Am so very behind on everything. Except for work. I haven't made a blog post since March. I'm having trouble keeping up on reading other people's blogs, which makes me kind of sad. Some I'm following with google reader, others have just sort of "well, when I get around to it", which is most of what happens with Livejournal.

Realized yesterday that I've had my account for 4 years, even though I've been around the community close to 5. I'm working for TopNotchThemes right now, a Drupal theming shop. Part time, working at home, learning a lot, it's all a win.

My kids are amazing little people. Unless you ask C, in which case she says "I AM NOT LITTLE. I AM A BIG GIRL." Current betting pools: will C be able to read on her own before the end of her preschool year, and will R start walking before C did (he's got another month and a half to try and he may very well do it)

I've been making amigurumi toys for the kids - I have a pair of toys I need to send to my nieces whose birthday was more than a month ago :P I'm not feeling much knitting or crochet mojo right now, and then +Amy Qualls-McClure showed me English Paper piecing and though I swore I wasn't interested in ever doing quilting myself, I've been doing that as a craft the last couple of weeks. I need to do some craft, but I can't focus on the knitting or crocheting right now.

not really random: +Pat Kight and +Amy Qualls-McClure should be introduced to each other. I think Pat is Amy in 20ish years. :D

I suppose I should also get around to uploading a picture of myself at some point.

Spent a little time yesterday thinking about what it'd take to upgrade crankypenguin to d7. Came to the conclusion that +Earl Miles probably would have to spend more time than is remotely reasonable right now to do so. Private module, the theme, all the images that need migrating (doable, since he did it on our main site), oh, and a real solution for batch importing images

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What Fred said. Good books.
I really enjoy the Twenty Palaces series (Child of Fire, Game of Cages). It's Urban Fantasy but grimmer and more in the tradition of horror novels, I suppose -- but that's right in the pocket for me. At any rate, here the author talks about how the series is "on the bubble"; the new book, coming August 30th, needs to rock out to keep the thing going in traditional big publishing. Give it a shot, will ya? (And if it's not your bag, at least do me the courtesy of not telling me about how you don't like what I like. I don't enjoy that.)

Now that I have thunderbird finally fixed, maybe I can do something productive with the next <period until baby naps and I can maybe nap also>

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So this is cool and all, but I don't see myself posting to it on its own any more than I posted to Facebook... which is why I linked my twitter up to facebook.
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