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Open Eyed Meditations is a self-help book written by well-known
author Shubha Vilas (Author of the bestseller Ramayana-the game of life). I
received the book as a part of Blogadda Book review programme. After receiving
it, I was expecting to come across som...

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SoulTree Ayurvedic Kajal in ‘Fern Green’ Review
Hello Sweeties, Today I am back with a review on a very interesting product
from the Ayurvedic brand SoulTree. So let us check out the review and pictures
to decide how good their colour khols are. What The Company Says? Handmade carbon black collected from...

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Subtle Day and Sultry Night Makeup Look
Friends, Today
I am back with a post different from what I usually write. It is a makeup look created
in collaboration with my lovely blogger friend Arpita from- . You must check
out her blog guys, I personally loved many of her makeup looks which are...

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Essence Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof in Cocoa Bean Review
What The Company Says? The latest trend from asia:
gel eyeliner in a pen-shape. Instead of in a tub, the soft, waterproof and
long-lasting texture of the gel eye pencil waterproof comes in a retractable
pen. velvety and highly-pigmented, these pens offer in...

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My Kellogg's Healthy Breakfast
Hello Guys ! Today I am going to write something that’s apart from  my usual posts. Recently, I joined a gym and
since then, I have been lot careful with my meals. Earlier I used to neglect my
breakfast and sometimes used to postpone it. It used to drain me...

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What Happiness means to you?
Hello Friends! How  are you all doing? Recently I had posted on one of the happiest day of my life.This time I want to ponder deeper into the topic happiness.Is there anyone out there, who does not want to be happy? I do not think, I will find even a single...

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Happiest day of my Life
Hello Friends, How are you doing? I hope you all are in high spirits  and the best of health. Recently I met my close friend after a long gap of four
years. That day was one of my most cherishable days of my life. We were best of
friends at college, no one ...
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