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Robin Antill
Garden Shed maker since 1979. 33 Years of Experience
Garden Shed maker since 1979. 33 Years of Experience

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What you need to know about a new garden workshops, summer house, workshop or log cabin and how you are going to look after it. These garden buildings are an investment and will enable you to enjoy your garden more than ever and with a little bit of regular care will last for many years. You can see examples here

There are various types of garden shed treatments and you will find that most sheds will be treated with a water based coat of treatment. This can be seen as being a primer and it is recommended that you re-treat your new shed or garden building within a few days after being delivered. The second coat can be seen as an undercoat and when you put your next coat on the shed will be the top coat and this will give long lasting protection.

See this link for garden workshops

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Our garden sheds in Britain are well used garden buildings and into which we store a great deal of valuable items however we don't always realise how valuable these items are and how much it would cost to replace. If you just take the value of the larger items such as the lawn mower, the hedge cutters, garden tables and chairs these on their own come to a great deal. Add in the number of bikes for the kids, maybe the golf clubs and other sports equipment and maybe you will give security more thought to ensure that your shed is as secure as possible.

The versatile garden shed can be anything to everybody as they have unbelievable amount of uses. Traditionally the garden shed is used for storing garden tools and odd tins of paint left over from decorating or bit and pieces which may 'come in handy'. As time went on more and more items are found to store in the garden shed such as barbecues, garden furniture and tables as well as bicycles and motorcycles. As well as this more different uses came about such as using the shed as a hobby room or craft room, which generally is a great use of extra space.

Choosing a metal shed? Well there are several different types of materials used to make garden sheds with timber or wood being the more traditional sheds. However, there are sheds available in plastic, concrete as well as metal or steel. All have different qualities and limitations so quite often the choice is personal preference.

You can see some different metal sheds on this site

Metal garden sheds are becoming quite popular with one of their main features being that they do not need to be treated like wooden garden sheds. Normally coming with warranties of 10-25 years, this is something which wooden sheds can't match. And this is without having to do anything. For the gardener who would like to do the least amount of work then the metal shed can be particularly attractive to them.

You will find that metal garden shed come in a large range of qualities and examples from with their StoreChoice and GrandChoice shed  ranges. These are good honest domestic garden sheds which do a great job of keeping your items dry in your garden. You are able to fit a padlock to these to deter the casual thief but by their very nature and inexpensive price tags will not stop any professional thieves.

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Some Helpful Advice as to What You Should Look out For When Buying:-
How To Decide What to Treat Your Garden Sheds With:-

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In my earlier blog I was explaining how the garden shed is helpful in starting or running a home business. Because the garden shed is in the garden it is easy to access and is relatively inexpensive. Add in the sheer number of sizes available also help in the flexibility of these versatile buildings. The only problem with garden sheds is the sheer amount of items which are kept in there ‘just in case’. #sheds

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At this time of year people are thinking of Christmas and what thye would like or to give and this is where the garden can be full of great ideas. From garden tools – such as a new fork, spade, hoe etc – right the way through to a new garden shed or playhouse for the children. #sheds

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The garden shed is a haven for storing all sort of things and that is the beauty of it. Whatever you need a home for the shed can provide it ranging from garden tools, children’s bikes, lawnmowers, garden furniture as well as all sort of half used products kept ‘just in case’. These include all those part used cans of paint, timber treatments and garden chemicals which you don’t want to throw away. #sheds

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With the days darkening and with the clocks gone back it’s clear that winter is well on the way. Before long the garden will be lifeless and barren with no leaves on the trees and the ground bare, There is however Christmas to look forward to and if you are a keen gardener then I’m sure your garden shed could do with a few new tools for use in the garden. #sheds

One of the most frightening things to happen to an industrial building is fire as this can spread rapidly is allowed to. This is why its essential that every precaution is taken to ensure that your commercial or industrial building has all the fire prevention features in pace. Not only tat you need to have a regular appointed fire officer with the power to insist on action if your industrial building is at risk. #industrialbuildings
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