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We are very sad to hear today's news about Disney shutting down LucasArts.

For decades LucasArts has raised the industry standard in design, process, and storytelling. They have shown how to successfully manage a licensed property, creating compelling content that consistently made well known characters and stories richer, fuller, more complete.

They will be missed.
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Some analysts are predicting a slowdown in mobile game sales as lifestyle applications become more powerful.

It's true the growing social complexities of our times make smartphones not a technological breakthrough, but an evolutional necessity. Considering our ever increasing field of interwoven responsibilities - our work lives, our social lives - the rise of technologies that can help to simplify and manage our lives is not only inevitable, but extremely welcome.

But lifestyle applications do not come at the cost of casual entertainment.

Banking from your phone does not diminish your ability to enjoy games, your Angry Bird is not cheered up just because you can post to pinterest while waiting in line. The rise in lifestyle applications is not hurting casual games. What is hurting the casual game market is the overuse of casual games to market other, non-game properties, and a very apparent lack of innovative game models.

Casual games on mobile could yet grow into an amazing and respected industry, if we allow it to be populated by artists and creators - game makers - who obsess to create the fresh new interactive experiences these technologies allow us, instead of supporting a growing environment dedicated to the absolute exploitation of its profitability.
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