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Joshua Blackketter
“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” -HL Mencken
“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” -HL Mencken


Dumbest thing I have seen in a while:

"do you know why the German death camps were first established?


They weren't because of racism or anti-Semitism, they were a direct result of Universal Health Care. "
- Some idiot in a thread about Nazi-punching

Art can mean more than one thing.

I didn't think this was controversial, but apparently so...

So I'm working on leveling up my character into her second class, and I have questions. +Courtney Campbell

-Henchmen: so I have a henchwoman who is level 8 now. As a level 1 Magus, I assume she no longer follows me? What happens to her?

-If I'm reading the rules right, my pool of spell dice shrinks down to 2+Magus level+ Cunning mod, is that right? It seems reasonable, rules-wise, but also...odd, diegetically. Would my original pool be separate, and used only for Warlock spells, thus forfeiting Prestige gain until you reach dual class level parity, or is the new pool all I get now? I mostly ask because the Arcanist section references Warlock levels when talking about gaining spells (by which I assume I still have access to those spells).

-You get character points per level; does level 1 in another class count for that?

-Warlocks get bound fiends, but everyone can bind fiends, technically. Does using them count for the "no using stuff from your previous class or you get no Prestige" rule?

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Ship Ideas!

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Hey +Courtney Campbell, I got a sword from my patron last adventure. You told me to remind you.

(Yes I am aware I should have done so sooner)

I just realized my character has a potential Physical AC of 46.

I felt I should share that.

Hey +Courtney Campbell, I keep forgetting to ask during play.

I just got a Bound Fiend for hitting warlock level 7, what are my options? Do I just get a succubus, or can I shop around in ancient evil grimoires?

So, we are well on our way to acquiring an airship. Enchantments, as expected, are looking to be prohibitively expensive.

So what we really need right now (and I'm sure DMs everywhere rejoice to hear these words) are some ideas to make lots of money quickly. Our lumberjack business is progressing nicely, but still.

To that end, what's the turn around time on the Vile Conclave processing requests, +Courtney Campbell? Can you get preemptive permission? If we are going to Demand something that we're pretty sure they'll refuse, can we have a Vendetta written up, validated and ready to go?

Hey, it occurred to me after we finished talking today that we were pretty much giving you the highlights of campaigns we've been in. I mean, yes, all that awesome stuff happened, but there was also like that time we got ambushed by random fucking thieves in the desert and ended up spending three entire sessions fighting them off.

+Courtney Campbell +Elias Stretch +Chris H


We talked about making either a giant flying fortress or a fast attack ship that can outrun stuff. I statted up both using the ship creation rules Courtney posted on his blog.

Flying Fortress
Total Tonnage: 100 HP: 400
Base Price: [1000gp (living wood) + 300 (labor)] x 100 tons = 130,000 gp, + 52,000 Super Heavy + 30,000 metal armor
212,000gp if we buy the wood
82,000 gp if we collect the wood ourselves.
(also needs 5 engineers)
Base Crew: 10
AC: Base +3 (thick wood) +5 metal armor = +8
Maneuverability: F
Tonnage free: 50
Armor: 10 tons
Super Heavy Structure: 40 tons

Fast Warship
Total Tonnage: 40 HP: 40
Base Price: [1000 gp (living wood)+ 300 (labor)] x 40 tons = 52,000, +2600 topped out rigging + 12,000 metal armor =
66,600gp if we buy wood
15,600 gp if we collect it ourselves
(also needs 2 engineers)
Base Crew: 5 (4 + 25% for rigging)
AC: Base +3 (thick wood) +5 metal armor = +8
Maneuverability: B (C base + 1 for rigging)
Tonnage free: 36
Armor: 4 tons

I assume these translate to steel pieces in Perdition, +Courtney Campbell ? (EDIT: they do not, gp as specified.)
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