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Kristen Duke
Capturing the Joy in Life from photograph to home projects
Capturing the Joy in Life from photograph to home projects

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How to Stop Yelling

How to Stop Yelling is likely a question all parents ask themselves. I wanted to share a few tips, along with a print and coloring page to hang in your home. #printable #parenting

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How do You do it all?

I don't keep it a secret. Here's how I get it all done... (and it's not what you might think!)

#ad #yoplait #iworkwithyoplait #parenting

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A Hand-Lettered PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Coloring Page Printable

This PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Coloring Page Printable will surely be a hit with the young ones, as they learn to memorize our nations cherished words. #holiday #printable #4thofjuly #patrioticprintable

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How to be Close to your Daughter are tips I’ve been quietly researching for years. Intentional bonding is so important to building that strong relationship. #parentingtips #family

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Soccer Party on a Golden Birthday

It's hard to get my boys to let me do a themed birthday. All they want to do is play sports in the backyard. #soccerbirthday #themedparty #partyideas

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Rockstar Birthday Party

My older daughter’s 7th birthday had a Rockstar theme. She is quite the rock star herself, so it was fitting. Pink & black with a touch of orange and purple. #birthdayparty #girlsbirthdaypart

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Golden Birthday Party

We had a Golden Birthday Party recently, when my daughter turned 12 on the 12th! I’m surprised how many people didn’t realize that meant it’s “golden” it’s just an extra fun way to celebrate!
#birthdayparty #partyideas

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10 tips for Throwing a DIY theme party

I’m delighted to share 10 tips for Throwing a DIY theme party because I LOVE theme parties and I know they can be overwhelming for others. Over the years I’ve found they all have the same basic structure, just changing according to themes. #partyplanning #birthdayparty #partyideas

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Candy Making with Kids

Candy making with kids is a great family fun activity for the weekend, boredom, or for play dates. There are so many different fun molds you can find on the internet, I’ll share how I’ve done this with my kids.

#sponsored #summeractivities #funwithkids #HersheysSimple

+The Hershey Company

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Organization challenge

Did you join me in the 21 day productivity organization challenge that I shared about a few weeks ago? #sponsored +PostitME
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