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Gourmet Coffee Lovers

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Espresso Theory!
How do you brew your espresso? I generally like a dark roast with 16-18grams of espresso and grind it so that it pulls a 2oz shot in about 23 seconds. Depending on the machine I like to do a heavy tamp, knock then a lighter tamp. I always use freshly roasted beans from a local roaster and keep them stored in an airscape.
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Gourmet Coffee Lovers

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Su su che ce ne vuole .....una tonnellata stamattina! 
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Gourmet Coffee Lovers

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Gourmet Coffee Lovers

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Thought I would share my espresso setup with all of you. I wanted a cheap setup with the results of that more expensive equipment offers.

I put links in below to all my tools and the mods i did.

Espresso Machine:

For $89 you really cant go wrong. This is a single boiler with brass fittings and 15 bars of pressure. The only catch is the steam wand is a panarillo and the basket is pressurized. But as you can see from my pictures i have replaced the steam wand with a traditional and the basket with a non pressurized basket as well as made the bottom naked.

Steam wand:

If you look it up on amazon its going for 44 bucks plus shipping. The cheapest i found was from seattle coffee gear. Make sure its the version 1


A grinder is THE most important part of good espresso, a blade grinder wont do. This one is the ONLY entry level burr grinder that you can get for espresso. Its $129 but its well worth the investment especially since its the only one that can do espresso under $300.

The after market basket

This is the only place i found to carry this basket. It also is the ONLY one that fits and is non pressurized. Trust me when i tell you this is the basket you want. For 10 bucks. Well worth it, the results over even the standard unpressurized mod is significant.



Knock box

Tamper Mat


Milk Frothing Pitcher

DeLongi Double walled espresso shot glasses

Scale for dosing properly:

Airscape container:

sources for modding:


Steam wand replacement walk through:

It really wasnt that hard to do. I now have coffee as good as you can get from any high end coffee house. My espresso has notes that i never knew espresso could have. The potential in this little 89 dollar machine is enormous and when using the same coffee from my local fine coffee house I achieve similar tasting results.

If you need any help or advice, im always here. Ask away in the comment section
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Gourmet Coffee Lovers

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How to Make the Perfect French Press Coffee!
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Master the art of the French Press Coffee.
Learn the steps you need to make the perfect French press coffee every morning. Brewing strong, delicious coffee is easy with this tried-and-true method.
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Have them in circles
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