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beware: esoteric ramblings
beware: esoteric ramblings


For those of you who don't mind sharing: What is your goal date for your first test?  How about for the certification as a whole?  Which test are you planning on taking first?  Have you created a plan yet?  Is there anything that the community can do to help push you to that goal?  

I'm planning on finishing the MCSA by the second week of May.  But I only have 70-463 left to complete.  I don't have a plan yet for the next exam, but I have a feeling I should be able to get by with just studying up on the new features for SSIS - particularly the project deployment model, parameters and environment variables - as well as running through some sessions on MDS and DQS.

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Well, I've already done the Querying cert.  Most of the way through studying for the Admin test.  And, I'm not necessarily going to do it in 90 days.  Still will have fun with trying to see what others are doing to study.
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