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LinkedIn Profile Clinic REPLAY (Mon-Wed only!)
Watch a free video of reinsurance broker, +Paul Dzielinski, having his LinkedIn Profile improved to generate more leads, faster. ☛ 

From now until Wednesday 4/16 you can view the Clinic with Paul ... as we dissect and improve #LinkedIn  Profiles. 

After Wednesday, the video comes down!

Can't make the time? Let me know. I'll send you an email alert for future Clinics! 

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+Kelty Campbell, you didn't ask me, but I'll go on record as vouching for the training +Jeff Molander does. Good stuff and worth your time if you want to discover new and better ways to generate leads using social media. A+
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Track your email w/ Linked connections, right on their Profile
LinkedIn is now allowing us to track email communications within the LinkedIn network... right from the profile of our sales prospect. That's cool. That's useful. Think about it...

There are many reasons to get OUT of #LinkedIn ... to NOT use LinkedIn email or InMail as a prospecting tool.

It's just plain clumsy. It's not the best contact management environment.

BUT this is a nice reason to use LinkedIn's internal email system when initiating first contact with a sales prospect.

Don't you think? 
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I like your opener +Vincent Messina. Clean and lean. Best to you, Mike
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Jeff Molander

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NEW LinkedIn Sales Training + LIVE Profile "Clinic"
Sharing relevant content on LinkedIn probably won't get customers talking with you about what you're selling. What will? This FREE training. [12 minutes]

Will this work for me, REALLY?

Look. I learned the hard way. I skinned my knees. But I learned from it. And from others who figured it out on their own too.

Why I failed
I believed that sharing relevant content on LinkedIn would create sales leads.

But it didn't.

LinkedIn gurus be damned!
You see, being seen as an trusted expert by customers is the outcome of a successful strategy.

It's NOT the strategy. Sorry, gurus. 

Ok. So what is? At the highest level, there are two components:

1) Problem-solving and
2) Direct response copywriting. 

Watch below and I'll explain.
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Engaging the customer with RESPONSE and RESULTS.
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THE 2 questions to ask yourself each time you write a blog
In these 5 minutes +David Risley gives up the goods. Tired of feeling like you're wasting time blogging? THIS is the approach that will increase your success.  
Many people end up writing blog posts "just because"... without any real strategy behind it. While there are many factors that go into doing it in a strategic way, there are 2 primary questions that I believe you MUST ask yourself before you hit the Publish button on any post - or better yet - before you even sit down and start writing.
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Jeff Molander

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Need to get buyers talking with you about what you're selling?
Try this. What do you think? Have you had success with this approach? 
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+Jeff Molander I am always open to opportunities to generate revenue channels.

We should talk, when you have some time, over the phone.

Also, I would love it if you would consider being a guest on my new HOA +The Curious Marketer With Vin.

So, let me know when we can chat live.
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Need to attract new customers on LinkedIn -- FAST? 
You can have a LinkedIn profile generating more response, appointments & leads in a few days. My new training guarantees it.

☛ Grab it for the introductory price of $67.99.

>> But after Wednesday the price goes back to normal, $349, and stays there!  <<

This Home Study video training shows you how to:
- Provoke questions from buyers & create leads using your Profile.
- Make effective calls-to-action on Profiles without looking "salesy."
- Structure videos & multimedia on your profile to provoke leads.


Did you know?
If you aren't writing effective Profile headlines you forfeit your chance to generate leads!

So I'm including my Magnetic Headline Creation 'Cheat Sheets' -- to make sure you get leads FAST from this training.

My Cheat Sheets help you:
- Write effective headlines for YOUR target buyer.
- SPEED UP the writing process.

I'm including this valuable tool ONLY if you invest in the training today, from this page only.

Questions? Just ask!
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Some of the most effective, QUICK tips I've seen yet on B2B video marketing via +David Coyne ...

#videomarketing   #videomarketingtips  
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Convince LinkedIn Connections to Talk About Products
Don't miss a live tutorial showing how to upgrade a profile & messages to provoke response---get customers talking about your products. We're featuring reinsurance broker,  +Paul Dzielinski.

►I recommend you FIRST watch this 12 minute video. This explains key LinkedIn lead generation concepts you've probably not heard before.

☛ At 1 pm ET today (I recommend logging on early to be sure you get in!) go here to JOIN the meeting:

Thanks for being one of our guinea pigs today, Paul!

YES, there will be a replay. Follow me here on G+ for updates on when, where and how!

#linkedinmarketing   #linkedintips   #salestips   #socialselling   #socialsellingstrategies  
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that's just me staying on your radar.

no worries.
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Can blogging hurt a small business ecommerce site?
A thought-provoking account on business blogging (as a lead generation tool). Here's the punch-line: "The timeless posts used keywords that took away from my website’s SERPs." 
Why I’m Taking Down My Blog

I found an interesting post on here about Timely vs Timeless Blog Posts (I apologize ... I searched but couldn't find the op). And I couldn’t get it out of my mind. That coupled with a few other posts made me realize that I didn’t start a blog to be social, per se, I did it to help get potential clients to my website.

My thinking was that I’d use my blog to post answer to questions clients had about what we do and how we do it. One step further, I’d use the specific words they use so it would show up in SERPS – they’d go to my blog – they’d go to my website.

Here is what I learned, both from this community and from trial and error.
1.       I had a handful of really good informative “timeless” posts and posts about things no one else was writing about.
2.       A had a boatload of timely “look-what-we-made-now” posts that no one (myself included) cared about.
3.       The timeless posts used keywords that took away from my website’s SERPs. I searched every single one, and it was always one or the other. Either the site got the juice or the blog – not both.

So, here’s what I think now. If a post is truly timeless, it should be a page on my site, not a blog post. If the point of the blog was to drive traffic to my site, I stepped on my own, well, you know … by making the blog rank higher than the site; instead of the site.

I also realized that I have run out of things to blog about. Once the pros + cons, the this vs. that, the whys, the hows, and the how-this-can-help-you posts were done, there was little to do but show what we were making now. Since most of what we make is the same (e.g., a shelf talker is always printed the same), the content was neither new or fresh.

So I’m going to spend the next several weeks revamping the website with information from those successful blog posts before taking it down. I learned that I don't have to have a blog.
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Is this why most marketers fail to create SALES on social media?
Selling with social media starts with engagement. Next comes a response based on the need for guidance---where the potential customer makes a series of choices. Everything else is a waste of time.
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Social selling trainer | Professional speaker
Social selling speaker, social selling trainer, sales keynote speaker, sales trainer, social selling expert.
  • Molander & Associates Inc.
    CEO, 1997 - present
    Molander & Associates Inc. is a boutique education and training company showing professionals across the globe how to make social media sell for their business. We produce live events and publish books, audio CDs and online training programs that help business people sell more products and services, more often, using the Internet. Founder, Jeff Molander is the authority on making social media sell and a sought-after corporate trainer to small businesses and global corporations like Brazil’s energy company, Petrobras. He’s an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded what is today the Google Affiliate Network. He serves as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business and is author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, the first book to show how any business can make social media produce leads and sales, starting today. Jeff is different from most social media experts because he brings a view like no other. If you’re looking for a speaker who shows chief executives, marketers, students or business owners how to make social media sell Jeff Molander is for you. Audiences come away from Jeff’s speeches, workshops and products with greater clarity on how to create more leads and sales using a practical, hype-free approach to creating sales with social media marketing.
  • Google Affiliate Network (formerly Doubleclick Performics)
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing, 1998 - 2000
    Developed business plan for, co-founded and grew the company which was ultimately acquired by DoubleClick in 2004 and Google in 2007. Working with the CEO, took the company from concept to start-up and finally on to an operational company---securing key management team members and helping to close two rounds of venture funding along the way. As a result of my leadership the company today works for category-leading companies such as Time Inc., Discover Card, Eddie Bauer, Joseph A. Bank, West Marine, Neiman Marcus, Blair Corporation, Bose and the Orvis Company.
  • Corplex Inc.
    Sr. Sales Manager, 1995 - 1997
    Regionally represented Scitex Digital Video and their ImMIX® digital nonlinear video editing products during a period when they were launching attack on Avid. Managed rental business; provided corporate and private clients with broadcast equipment on rental basis.
  • Image Base
    Sales Executive / Writer & Director, 1993 - 1995
    Charged with new client development for a corporate-focused multimedia communications company providing meeting, product marketing, internal communications and other video-focused support to a variety of clients including telecommunications, non-for-profits, manufacturing, healthcare and food industry. Wrote and directed much of what I brought into the company.
  • West Suburban Hospital Medical Center
    Public/Community Relations Coordinator, 1990 - 1003
    Managed a busy CCTV & audio-visual services department at this 500 bed community hospital. Served needs of hospital administrators, medical directors and physicians. Created, produced and directed first serious cable TV programming and recruitment video programs for various teaching units including their respected Family Practice Residency program.
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Jeffrey Molander, Jeffrey G. Molander
Social Selling Trainer | Professional Speaker
► BRIEFLY, I earn a living helping sellers net leads and sales more effectively using social media. Reps, dealers and business owners leave my social selling workshops, online training products and keynote speeches with: 

♦ Clarity on what social selling is---and is not
♦ New skills ... based on proven practices (not "guru wisdom")
♦ Better habits, attitudes ... and ideas that work

► EXPERIENCE: I co-founded the Google Affiliate Network in 1999. Today I'm a social selling trainer helping global corporations like Petrobras (Brazil’s energy company), Leica Geosystems, XO Communications and small businesses like improve sales prospecting effectiveness.

► WHAT I DO: I coach and guide sales & marketing people to turn friends, readers, fans & followers into leads, referrals, subscribers & sales using blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. 

► HOW I DO IT DIFFERENTLY: I don't tell you. I TRAIN you. My job is done when you can DO--not just know or remember. I'm successful when sellers prospecting habits change and they experience measurable increases in sales leads

► HOW I GET PAID: I'm a professional speaker, social selling trainer, LinkedIn trainer & publisher of education products. I energize audiences into action and am known for teaching practical techniques that work.

► MY BOOK "Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You" was first to show how any business can make social media produce leads and sales --- not just Likes and followers.

☎ Call me: 312-957-6020 

⌨ Email me: jeff - at - 

☛ Twitter

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