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this practice is not actually all that uncommon, is it?

isn't it the case that amazon prices are different depending on who they think you are / what your previous browsing/purchasing habits are?
Thai Tran originally shared:
Clear your cookies before using RyanAir's website. We just found out they jack up the price for flights you previously searched for.
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Never heard of such a thing.
As best I can find, it seems amazon did experiment with price discrimination in 2000, but after some backlash they gave it up and haven't done it since then (as far as anyone has noticed, at least).
What Jesse said. Also, if you're logged in and the prime free shipping price is lower in total for one seller, you'll see that product. If you're logged out, you might see a different product at a lower price but with $X shipping.

I've seen different prices on Kayak a year ago based on whether I was logged in or not.
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