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#millionsmissing- we need YOU!
The hashtag #millionsmissing has been popping up all over social media recently, but what does it mean, I hear you ask?  #millionsmissing is a day of global protest on the 25th May 2016 to raise awareness of ME/CFS and the impact it has on patients and thei...

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Contentment vs the 'Want Monster'
I know I've been dealt a bad hand recently... but in general, I am surprisingly content. I see beauty in small things. I have plenty to
keep me busy- surviving, pacing, managing the day to day 'Activities of
Daily Living' as the medics like to call them. ...

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A new blog name :)
The blog has had a rename..... as feedback was that not many people had heard of the phrase "this is me since yesterday". It is a well known phrase in Glasgow... however..... not elsewhere it would seem!  I also wanted to take the name M.E out of the blog t...

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Wee bunny rabbit pattern

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The easy life.....
Not having to work must be great, right? Being able to rest all day at home?  Wrong. Having a long term health condition is the hardest work I've EVER had to do, and I've had some pretty tough jobs in the past.  There are endless appointments with endless s...

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Holiday horizontal
It's always exciting when I achieve something I never thought was possible, and this one is a biggy. I went on HOLIDAY! To MALLORCA!!! So surprising on a number of levels. I didn't think I'd manage the flight. I am alcohol intolerant. I need to be mostly ho...

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INVISableism : Blogging Against Disablism Day
Being prejudiced or discriminatory towards people who are disabled has two names: dis ablism and ableism. Only something so completely mad and pointless could have two seemingly opposite names. One is spelled with an 'e' (ablEism) and one without (disablism...

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Let's do the time warp agaaaaaaaaainnnnn.......
I am a real-life time traveller. I can go forward in time.   When I am having a hard time with this illness the days merge into big blobby dreams of duvets and discomfort, drowsiness, distant voices and a difficulty telling dreams from reality. Days can pas...

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Are 'online' friends real?
This is a post about online friends, meaning friends that I have made contact with online but have never actually met 'in the flesh'. So are online friends real? Yes. Thanks for reading! Hee hee- no I'm not going to end here, although it would be fun writin...

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Hello P45
Dear P45, I managed to delay you for a while but you have arrived to darken my doorstep.  It was great, the working life, I loved it, I really did! But when I got sick so suddenly and severely I had no option. I did everything I could to get out of the hosp...
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