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Sharing awesome photography spots.
Sharing awesome photography spots.

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Thanks for Using ShutterGuides
It's been a fun ride these last few years. We've discovered some great new photography locations, and we hope you have too! But now it's time to say goodbye and wind things down. We'll be turning off on October 1, so please go and find any...

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Miami Photography Locations
Take a look at these great recommendations from photographer +edin chavez for places to take photos in Miami, Florida.

You'll find tips for when to go, gear to bring, and more!

#miami   #miamiphotography   #travelphotography   #cityphotography   #photolocations  

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Ice on fire

The stranded chunks of ice on Jökulsárlon beach in Iceland catch the setting sun's rays, creating endless combinations. It was a memorable sunset, I just went beserk with so many possibilities. And the best thing was that I didn't have to hurry up, it lasted a loooong time too! To cap it off, there were only a couple of other photographers around - when I took this one I was by myself, it was already almost 23:00, and all the tourist buses were long gone. More to come!
My contribution to #SunsetSaturday +Sunset Saturday curated by +Dennis Hoffbuhr.

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25 Photography Locations in Melbourne, Australia
Here's a great photography guide by +Keith Broad with 25 different spots to check out:

Want to add your own guide? It's quick and easy:

#travelphotography   #melbournephotography   #australia   #cityphotography   #photolocations   #map  

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Alberta Canadian Rockies: Photography Locations
Headed to the Canadian Rockies? Grab this photography guide to some great locations, shared by talented photographer +Debbie Taylor.

Do you know some great photo spots near you? Create a guide on! We're looking for photographers who know Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Portland, and more!

#landscapephotography   #travelphotography   #alberta   #canadaphotography   #canadianrockies   #banffnationalpark   #photolocations   #map  

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New York City Photo Locations
Here's an outstanding free guide to New York City, with a dozen great photo spots shared by photographer +Miguel K.

Know some great locations in your city? Why not add a guide today?

#newyorkcity   #nycphotography   #cityphotography   #urbanphotography   #travelphotography   #newyorkcityphotography   #nyc  
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