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Just when you thought you have seen it all
The usual misty condition at
first light injects an enchanting feel to our journey as we made our way to the
wilds of Pedu Lake. I was with no ordinary company this time. Ayuwat, Wichyanan
and Ingkayut are some of the most knowledgeable and dynamic birders ...

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Beginner's luck
Rain was forecast for this
morning but luckily, it was not accurate. Bright blue skies greeted us when we
arrive at the mangrove belt along Sungai Batu in Kedah state. However, the
heavy downpour last night almost ruined my guests’ maiden birding trip to th...

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A lifer is a lifer
This is probably the worst photo
I have ever chosen to be used to start off a post - out of focus, wrong
exposure and motion blur. However, it is of a female White-tailed Flycatcher
and I have been looking out for this species for many years. This encounter...

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Sometimes he works in mysterious ways
Work schedule and tours have
kept me away but it was finally time to visit the active fruiting tree at Sungai
Sedim in Kedah state. I reached the borders of the park earlier than usual and
came across a few night birds – much to my delight. Two were new sit...

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Hornbill Heaven
Hornbills are one of the most
fascinating and majestic birds of the forest that naturally, have a very
special place in my heart. With their massive stature and loud wing beats,
hornbills in flight is a marvel of nature and I am always humbled by their

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A night to remember
To be able to share your home
state with the largest nightjar in the world is a true privilege and Air Hitam
Dalam in mainland Penang is one of the best places in Malaysia to observe the colossal
Great Eared-Nightjar. Most of my birding buddies in Penang ha...

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Birding Marathon (Part III)
Since my main targets for the
trip were securely in the bag, the final day of my birding marathon was
conducted at a more leisurely pace. I even had time to soak in the breath-taking
landscapes that surround Fraser’s Hill. I get carry away with my birding

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Birding Marathon (Part II)
It has been three long years
since my last visit to the renowned montane birding site of Fraser’s Hill. During
that time, a few changes have taken place with the local birding scene. The
most notable one is undoubtedly the regular appearance of Grey-breaste...

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Birding Marathon (Part I)
I decided to start off my
central Peninsular Malaysia 3-day birding marathon at the famed forest of
Lanchang in Pahang state. Unfortunately, my intention to reconnect with the
Malaysian Rail-babbler that I enjoyed here last year did not materialized. The

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Feeding Frenzy
The virgin jungle of Bukit
Wang beckoned me for a return visit and naturally, I obliged. The Macaranga
Tree should still be pulling in the birds and I planned to spend a morning
there just to see what turns up. Judging from the results I had with my guest a...
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