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Here's a possibly tougher issue for the brain trust.

I've had a Google-owned & paid for SIM in a series of Android phones since August 2008. Google is now ending the particular program through which I had the SIM. I use the current phone a lot, though not for phone calls, so I have no particular reason to retain the phone number. Separately, I have a six-year-old dumb phone that has the mobile number I actually use. (Right; I have been walking around for 4 years+ with two mobile phones.)

My current Android phone is a great model, a Galaxy Nexus, Google-branded, GSM phone that is on T-Mobile. the dumb phone is on Credo (Sprint).

Here's my choice:

- Move my phone no. to T-Mobile and keep using the Galaxy Nexus, which has Jelly Bean in the pure-Google form; that is, no provider junk added on, nothing removed, etc.

- Retire the Galaxy Nexus and get a different Android model, likely with Ice Cream Sandwich, with Credo.

I think I need to find out the cost of each plan. I am a light phone user, much heavier data plan users. 

Comments? Ideas?
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Turns out that there is a Jelly Bean (4.1) phone available from Credo. Still, not pure Google.
T-Mobile has some good plans if you bring your own phone.  I'd go with door #1, or see if Credo will sell you just a SIM.
Credo is CDMA, the phone is GSM, alas.
I realize that I know almost nothing about our Credo plan - will ask my partner to check the cost of adding a data plan, etc. and what a phone would cost. Well, I can figure that out.

T-Mobile's web site is somewhat terrifying because there are SO MANY plans. I need to figure out how much time I spend talking on the phone....
Option 4: Get a data plan from T-Mobile and continue to use the phones the way you have been using them. Is your phone unlocked or unlockable? An unlocked GSM phone is handy because you can use it overseas, either with the SIM you have or by buying a local SIM at your destination.
My original posting was not clear enough: the SIM in the Galaxy Nexus is going away, taking with it the phone number and data plan. I will have only WiFi connectivity on the phone after that. 

I have no good reason to carry around two phones and I don't want to continue doing so. The only reason I have been doing it at all is that Google has been paying all of the T-Mobile charges for the Galaxy Nexus and its predecessors for the last 4+ years.
No, I understood that. What I was suggesting was that you might be able to get a plan from T-Mobile that was essentially just a data plan. But if you can still use it for wi-fi, why not keep it for that and have it unlocked so you can use it for travel.
I have other wi-fi devices. This phone can be used abroad by just swapping SIM cards, I believe; I think I know people who've done that. 

it's also a much, much better phone than the one on the Credo plan.
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