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Election tomorrow.
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I think that "Keep Calm and Trust Nate Silver" is my new motto in all things. :)
We live in the era of the geek superhero!
Did some conservatives then just claim he was doing spin doctoring?  This is what I find so distressing these days.  There is no platform of reality in our discussions.
Yes. It was claimed that there methodological flaws, he must be biased, etc. It has also come out that despite the polling data, the Romney campaign thought they were going to win. They were doing poll analysis to remove perceived liberal bias, and that did show them winning. Unfortunately for them, they were not actually removing bias. They were skewing the data themselves.
And, um, yes, the fact that political discussion is not grounded in factual information is a big problem. If evidence of climate change is ignored or denied, we can't even have a debate on how to fix the problem. When a presidential candidate starts talking about how terrible a health care plan is that he used himself, how can there be any discussion about whether Romney/Obamacare or single-payer or some other method is the best way to solve the problem? (We already have a lot of evidence that the health-care market isn't like most markets and problems with providing health care cannot be solved only by free market solutions.)
Exactly right.  It seems to me that the discussion points from the right involve making up whatever reason they feel most comfortable with, and then stating it repeatedly to make it seem true, and to claim that any evidence they don't like is somehow "not true."  I recall that if Clinton had accepted the Republican alternative to his health care plan, it would have been exactly what Obamacare is today.  So, how do you have civil discourse with a group of people with whom facts are simply discounted, whatever the opposition says/supports is wrong (even if you previously supported it when it came from "your" side), and when cooperation is simply not in the vocabulary (let alone the practice) of conservatives?
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