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I am in an overflow room, but there was a photo session for the King of Nerdistan before his talk here and I was passing by.
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The way the hair sticks up in the middle must be in lieu of a crown.  ...very humble, this king.
Seems like rather a "hairdon't" ....but we are being catty now.  (I am sure our cats would be proud.)

He was good. I didn't get a copy of his book, which sold out fast. The talk, which was more Q&A, will be up on YouTube within a week.
Wait - you don't know who Nate Silver is?
Oh, wait! I never said who the King of Nerdistan is. It's Nate Silver, the fivethirtyeight guy. His book is The Signal and the Noise. He was at Google yesterday.
He looked much less nerdy on Bill Maher!  Yes, I do know who Nate Silver is.  His name was everywhere just before the election. You got to see him live -- at Google?  Wow, Lisa. That's something!  
Sorta! I was in an overflow room for his talk. 

We get a lot of very cool guest speakers here.
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