Three Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for College

Summer is in its full glory. With all the sunshine and snow cones around, it hardly seems possible that college is right around the corner. When college starts, it can be a pretty big upheaval if you’re not ready for it. There’s a new routine to follow, new people to meet and new horizons to be explored.  

This can be super exciting, or terrifying, or a combination of the two.  Whether you’re about to start your first semester or your final year of college, make the transition from summer to fall by doing three things:

1. Read, read, and read some more. Your high school reading list may have been intense, but college level English literature will probably require more reading and more frequent assignments. Keep your brain nimble and prepare yourself for an increased workload by making reading a habit. Your local library may have reading lists that you can peruse for ideas. If you already have your class schedule, you could look for the syllabus or requirements and get a jump start on reading the course material.  

2. Practice managing your time. This is less about managing activities down to the minute and more about learning how to prioritize, create a schedule and stick to it. If you’ve played high school sports or participated in extracurricular activities like Model U.N, – or if you’re returning to college after working or serving in the military – time management may be second nature to you. If not, start small. Set a couple of goals for yourself and manage your time accordingly to achieve them. When you start classes in the fall, you’ll find it a little easier to keep your commitments and stay on top of your course load.

3. Work. If you worked during high school, or have served in the military, a summer job won’t be anything new to you. But if you didn’t, or if you plan to work while you’re in college, summer employment (or internship) can be a great way to get used to managing a work schedule, saving, and budgeting your money. Plus, it can help you explore career possibilities, make connections, or just save some cash for books.  

The college experience is amazing, but there are some aspects that simply take some getting used to. Make it easier on yourself by making some small adjustments now.

What are some ways you’re preparing for college? Let me know in the comments.


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