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Jesse Crawford
Infosec analyst in San Francisco
Infosec analyst in San Francisco

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I am now single. This is an odd feeling. 

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I think I'm going to try out this thing, but it looks like I don't know anyone else that's on it. Maybe join and we can be friends!

I arrive in Socorro on the 12th! Only five days to go. 

Is there some reason that it's apparently completely impossible to post to Google+ from third party tools? It feels like Google is currently using a strategy similar to the one that has everyone so upset with Twitter now...

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Upcoming ACM meeting - in only about 13 minutes. Join if you can.

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Several days ago the Economist published this outstanding obituary for Kim Jong Il:

Honestly, this is the best-written obituary that I have read in a long time, and it's not particularly kind.

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I wish Google Plus would stop suggesting my other account as a friend. It's getting kind of creepy.

Right. so this is a new G+ account under my new email address. Exciting.
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