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John Condon
A perennial kid, just getting older but no less "kid".
A perennial kid, just getting older but no less "kid".
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Any update on the Pledge manager for Living Land?

Oh I have so missed writing up nonsense for TORG.
I have waited to get the physical books before throwing myself into any pet projects.
The missus wants a home solo game, starting in Aysle. I pick a point on the map and let fly with what is there.
The Irish town of Dungarvan (Dun Garbhan or Garbhann's Fort), much reduced from its modern extent due to the axiom wash. Although the castle itself is restored and now stands, surrounded by its fresh defensive wall, sentinel to the rivers west bank. Directly across the river, on the Abbeyside bank, is the Core Earth enclave. Nestled within the tiny 100m radius of the hardpoint created by the plaque commemorating the birthplace of Ernest Walton (first man to artificially split the atom). hundreds of Core Earthers cram into a space that barely contains 10 houses. The green hills behind the buildings are now a tent strewn refugee camp. St. Augustine's Abbeysits on the southern point of the east bank, its ancient orchards returned and the Friar's walk is trod by hooded monks once more.
Cinlum Faerie are now a common site at the quayside and their Aqueate brethren capriciously taunt or aid the sailors as fits their mood.
To the west is the village of Tallow, with its beekeeping industry.
East is the larger, merchant guild run town of Waterford, they have expansionist ideas and may become a threat later on.
North, towards the wilder central regions of transformed Ireland, the fortified roadside way stop of New Inn.
To the south west, the dark crag of corruption, Castle Martyr. Its extensive dungeons carved from the mountain and feeding towards the land between.

All the places are real :D well by name at least.

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Confirming delivery in the UK
9:30am the postman delivered a big parcel

The rumours of delivery just switched from a False (10) to a True (25)

Day One - Round two : Aysle
Well we finished the Living Land day one last week. I found that the cosm cards in LL tended to throw off adventure pacing quite significantly so I ended up skipping entire sections of the adventure otherwise it would have been about 3 times the length with MANY more combats.
As it is the timely play of a lost Treasure card resulted in the journey to the Holland Tunnel being in a working "bus" with Leena atop it, which was promptly pursued by a T-Rex. Made for a good chase.
Perils of the Living Land being played in consecutive scenes across consecutive sessions helped to play up the trans-formative affect of the invasion.

Which means that tonight we visit Trafalgar Square and I am very interested to see if the Aysle Cosm cards have a lesser impact on the session flow. I suspect they will, but actual play will find out for sure!

I would love to be able to strip out the GM's section of the PDF so that I had a PDF that my players could reference without the "temptation" of the GM's secrets.

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This is going to be a wonderful reference for Online Torg Gamesmasters.

Hi All, stumbled upon this group whilst doing research for a new game.. unrelated to "that" game I'd like to ask..

Has anyone done a ruleset or theme for Dark Sun..
preferably 3.5e or 5e

Nothing new, just craving more Torg : Eternity news.

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Much sadness.. The patrician is dead.. Long live the new tyrant (whoever he may be).

Sir Terry Pratchett has died aged 66 after long battle with Alzheimers.
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