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John Condon
A perennial kid, just getting older but no less "kid".
A perennial kid, just getting older but no less "kid".
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This is going to be a wonderful reference for Online Torg Gamesmasters.

Hi All, stumbled upon this group whilst doing research for a new game.. unrelated to "that" game I'd like to ask..

Has anyone done a ruleset or theme for Dark Sun..
preferably 3.5e or 5e

Nothing new, just craving more Torg : Eternity news.

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Much sadness.. The patrician is dead.. Long live the new tyrant (whoever he may be).

Sir Terry Pratchett has died aged 66 after long battle with Alzheimers.

Hoard of the Dragonqueen - Session.. err, lets say 5..

Well the intrepid band returned from their foray into Greenest to gather intelligence (or at least a prisoner) and rested up for a while at the end of last weeks session.
We enter this week with Castellan Escobert calling them to the parapet to draw their attention to the thick pall of smoke rising from the Temple of Chauntea.
The group decide, relatively quickly, to assist and head out once more into the night.
They scoped the temple, identified the weak point in the group to the rear and proceeded with their assault.
In a surprising turn of event they decided to rescue everyone but ALSO to take on the large patrol group.
Which made for a very nail baiting sequence where they were desperately trying to get all of the villagers out and over the back wall (which I ruled at 7' high) as the alarm was raised and over 2 dozen opponents were advancing quickly on their position.
The final villager was unceremoniously thrown over the wall and then the valiant heroes turned to confront the swiftly arriving cultists..
saw how many there actually were and quickly decided to get the hell out of dodge.

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Wow, this got used as an image ina  recent game of ours.. so cool to see it pop up again elsewhere
Train tunnels in the Enchanting Forest, Ukraine. ★

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As others have said before me.. Boo

I am running my group through Hoard of the Dragonqueen. We couldn't wait before the adventure released though so I had a few sessions of running them through some homebrew and a quick conversion of a WFRP scenario.
Anyway, they are now well entrenched in Greenest and thanks to the earlier scenarios are about one session away from hitting 3rd level.
Might make the next 2 sections a cake walk :D
Suppose I had best up the monster difficulty :P

#rpgaday Day 7 - Most intellectual Roleplaying game
Would have to be Amber.
based on an reasonably niche literary property
no dice
Mechanics based on thinking creatively

That's got to be pretty intellectual
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