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Things I Wished Someone Told Me (You Will Be Okay)
These are just a couple of things I wish someone told me before I entered school in Poly or in any other institution for that matter. How I'd like to think i look like lol *I apologize for the masochistic theme that will run throughout this blog post but be...

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When you're mid-way through the 5-day week and you just want to be a cat.

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Mid-week Feels
As I slog through slides on powerpoint, blue ink all over my fingers and endless playlists to keep me awake mugging for a stupid test. Frida for Glamour France, Style Scrapbook, Tattoologist

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China Throwback
This is the delayed, much overdue pictures from my recent 5-week school trip to Wuhan and Shanghai, China. Long story cut short, never gonna visit China unless I have business or something. Not the country for me but it does has its own perks! Thank god for...

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Music Monday
"[They] Tell me I've changed and I think so too  'Cause that's what I want - from the floor to a Champion Trying something new with this blog with routined blog posts coming every other day (I hope)! So to get the ball rollin', here's my pick this Monday.


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This is probably the most inappropriate time for a blog post. Nevertheless, here I am - word after word - hoping to let out some pent-up stress I've accumulated thus far. With submissions and tests literally round the corner (the former in less than 12 hour...

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Everyone felt this before

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Boho Feels

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Morning Zombie
It's 7:48AM as I'm typing this. I know it's not a crazy morning time to be awake or to wake up at but I've been awake since 2AM? And I haven't been able to fall back asleep since! cries Dammit can someone please fix my body. Speaking of body, I have serio...
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