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Today was one of the WORST experience I have ever had at a restaurant. THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR OUT OF TOWNERS!!!! It is for the locals only!!! We were the third table in and there were only 6 of us. We all ordered our selections and then other tables were coming in. The place was filling up fast!! We were thinking DANG, this is going to be good food. Then our food was coming out plate by plate. NOT ALL AT ONCE. They do not have un-sweet tea and if you ordered a sweet tea, it comes in a can for $1.50. And there is NO FREE REFILLS!! Order a soda and it too comes in a can for $1.50 and again NO FREE REFILLS!! So then we are wondering where my food was? I wait and wait!! Everyone at my table is half way done and then I notice other tables are getting their food. I tell my waiter “I don’t want my food anymore!” He said “Oh, it is coming!” I said “I SAID, I DON’T WANT MY FOOD ANY MORE. EVERYONE IS ALMOST DONE HERE. I DON’T WANT IT!!.” He just walked away… Then a few minutes later the waiter comes out and says “They had to send someone after the seasoning for the shrimp.” I laughed!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!! The food is overpriced and service was bad!! IF YOU ORDER WITH A CREDIT CARD, ASK TO SEE AN ITEMIZED BILL, because they DO NOT show you that!!!!!!!!
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