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Samantha Luxton
Don't Give up, no matter what !
Don't Give up, no matter what !

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#Birdwatching has always been a fun activity for me right now

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How to brew starbucks coffee in a french press
 Brew coffee in a french press [photo courtesy of] How
to brew starbucks coffee in a french press delightfuly Its
undeniable that coffee is our regular companion, occasional lifesaver. We drink
it to pull us out of heavy-eyed, to keep u...

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3 Beautiful and Unique Finely Handcrafted Wood Jewelry Boxes
  Handmade wooden jewelry boxes also generally show a level of craftsmanship in the artistic details that may be missing in a mass produced jewelry box. You will prefer a handmade jewelry holder if you like one-of-a-kind artistic designs. Wooden jewelry box...

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5 Thoughtful gifts for elderly with dementia and alzheimer's
What could be better than getting a present on a special day? Christmas, a birthday, Mother's day or Father's day, Valentine's day: These and many more occasions offer an excuse or a reason to give a gift to that loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzhei...

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Discover Pleasurable #WeightLoss , Learn to trust and work with the wisdom of your body, rather than fighting and struggling against it.

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Just found out :
Nowadays, we often prioritize eating fast, or eating while multitasking, over eating in a conscious, deliberate and grateful manner. This video is about teaches us mindful techniques, using all the senses, for savoring and appreciating food. Helpful for anyone trying to lose weight and keep it off for good!

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Equestrian Pilates - Quick and Easy Exercises for Strength and Flexibility
  Simple Exercises to Strengthen The Core and Improve Performance for #Equestrian Riders If you love to ride you'll love these quick and easy exercises for strength and flexibility. Serious equestrian understand the importance of exercise for better performa...

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I prefer Cats rather than #horses ... what a bout you ??? loves to know 'bout #equestrian world anyway

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#Amazon unveiled their new #gadget called #FIREphone. Their claimed it's The only #Smartphone with Dynamic Perspective -
A custom-designed sensor system that responds to how you hold, view, and move your phone. Lets see how responds of other BIG companies likes Samsung, Apple and others to that... Any comments ??

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Wanna try this kind of #fishing?
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