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The easiest way to find local gamers and gaming events.
The easiest way to find local gamers and gaming events.


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2014 comes to a close - here's a look at what our membership coverage looks like.  The red show's roughly the area within reach of posts by GeekTransit members.  Keep in mind around cities the red areas may represent quite a few members overlapped.  Most of our focus has been on membership in the US, CA, and UK, but GeekTransit works worldwide, and we have some members across Europe and in AU and NZ as well.  

If it doesn't look like there's anyone in your area - it's all the more reason to join!  One of the purposes of GeekTransit is to make it easier for gamers in less densely populated areas to find other gamers.  In big cities there's a lot of game shops and cons, while out in smaller towns and cities there may not be as many resources.

In 2015 expect to see some more improvements to the system, including a mobile app which is currently under development.  

Thanks you for joining and participating in GeekTransit, and we wish you a great New Year!

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I'm looking at adding some additional categories for Ren Fairs, medieval combat activities, sci-fi and comic events, and other geekery. Any thoughts about additional categories are quite welcome!   #rpg   #renfaire   #comics  
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