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There are some seriously fucked up people on this planet! 

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Oh. Em. Gee!


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One of the funniest things I've ever seen. He trolled the Tea Party in MN, complaining of (European) immigrants - and eventually got the crowd to chant "Columbus go home!" It's from 2009, but it's still valid - and hilarious.

(A few of them figured it out - but judging by the response, most did not. Of course, if you read the comments, half are laughing their asses off, and the other half are going, "Those were all his buddies paid to be there. No conservative would be that dumb!" Never mind that it was a speech to a conservative crowd hosted by a conservative group...)

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In his case, a tattoo of that across his forehead would have advertised the fact far less blatantly. 

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I. Want. That. Shirt. 

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"Coel was using a revolver that had been used before in these drills and Lewis said in the aftermath of the shooting "we were unaware that any live. We thought only blanks were available."'

I'm thoroughly confused as to how such a thing could even happen. I thought "blank guns" couldn't fire live ammo without being modified to do so, the doing of which creates a risk of the real faux gun exploding when fired. 

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So apparently he killed at least six people, left several more as para- or quadriplegics, and this is the best his defense attorney could muster?

"Melinda Lehmann, his defense attorney, said Duntsch was a scapegoat for a medical establishment that just kept hiring him and putting him in operating rooms.

“Is it right for him go to away, to be thrown away when all of them profited?” she said of the hospitals that hired him. “They all have blood on their hands.”'

I agree that the hospitals who gave him the opportunities to do this were very much in the wrong. (And apparently stupid to boot, as I'm sure he cost them a lot of money.) But to claim that it isn't his fault he was a horrible neurosurgeon who kept operating after crippling or killing a dozen people - it's the fault of the people who kept hiring him as a surgeon is ridiculous! They'd not have hired him if he hadn't asked for the job!

How about "I love the money being a neurosurgeon brings in, but my ineptitude has made my best friend a quadriplegic and killed several other people. I think I'll go back to school and learn another type of surgery - one with a far lower chance of killing someone even if I goof up after getting more surgical skill."

But no - he just kept putting his resume into different hospitals. And killing more people. But it's definitely not his fault.


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That's gonna leave a mark... 
When you're just walking but get tired all the sudden
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