Be prepared for those "life happens" moments. Save yourself and your wallet the emotional distress with Total Equipment Coverage.
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Funny the phone always gets old before I need any insurance.
Of course most of the technology is old a few days after you buy the phone. :-)
Why do you tell us stuff that we already know, how bout tell us bout the hidden fees and the extra taxes you add on.
customer support and customer services a joke for the last 5 mouth's
Hello lazaro! I would love the opportunity to address your concerns about the support and service you have received. Can you provide me with a little background information? Once I have that info, we can work together to find a resolution to your concerns. Have a great day! ^CM
Jermaine, bills can be a bit confusing but if you ever need assistance or have questions about a specific charge feel free to reach out to us. Please select the link to view a great video about "Understanding Your Bill" If you still have questions please reply with a new post! Enjoy your weekend! ^CM
Resound or nexus??? I can't decide 
But that's who I have (stuck on parents family plan)
Can some please tell me what is better, nexus or rezound? 
+Jade Hart it depends what you want from your phone .if you all ways want updates fast then go with the nexus. Just that the nexus camera is not all that good. And htc Inc not that bad with updates batter then Motorola. The rezound is getting ICS within the next 2weeks. I would say wait and get a phone that comes with ICS . So you know that there is more then a 70% chances that you will get jellybeans.
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