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More pay pay pay services.
If people have these so called great bargain shared data plans with "Unlimited Talk, texts and Video messaging" then it's only for the data hogs that would need controls.

Just keep on finding more ways to grab more money from the guilable suckers (customers).

I would not use those services even if they were FREE
When will you guys be letting Galaxy Nexus users upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?
This must be for iPhone users since Android users already have these controls.  
I believe its carrier dependent without the need for an app.
I wish Verizon would stop ignoring questions about the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy "Nexus".....
+Chan Kim Patience is a virtue! Currently we do not have any information on JB for the Nexus. All updates are pushed to the device once available. You can always check out the latest news and OS updates at ^KS
Verizon customer service knows less about these phones and the updates than most if the people who care about updates point in asking them.... you will know before they do
No doubt Jason you are correct in that statement.
Unbelievable sprint's galaxy nexus is getting jelly bean before vzw, that's just wrong!!!
+Verizon Wireless Customer Support Wow, sorry I just read your comment towards someone who is very frustrated to not have an update that was released mid-July for their pure google phones. I can't believe that in their frustration, you simply respond "patience is a virture!" without any other information or leads.

And the thing is, this lag time is completely +Verizon Wireless 's fault, as people who root their phones have already been able to flash 4.1. And who prepared these 4.1 updates so quickly? Freelance and independent developers on their free time completely for free. Strange how somehow with their significant lack of resources still produces far better support?

Your lack of respect for your customers is appalling, and I'm ashamed that the public relations department of the company is just as disrespectful as the company's policies themselves (see my above comment)

+Chan Kim Keep asking the questions man, keep pushing the big red.  
I switched from ATT to Verizon to get the Galaxy Nexus.  This is probably the single most regrettable thing I've done in my life in the couple of years.  I hate Verizon.  But I hate Verizon more that Verizon has stayed silent and/or haven't even bother to update us on the status of the Jelly Bean update.  Or at least make up some excuse or at least tell us lies that it's Google's fault.  
Agreed +Dean Masley. Its almost like Verizon is like the guy that owes you $10 bucks for pizza, refuses to show his face, and then when he does, tells you, "Patience is a virtue". Were likely to see even less of him now. I'm actually pretty excited for my contract to end. There are so many low cost and niche carriers out since I got my Galaxy Nexus. I'm looking at but I may have to go with the SIII and root it. No matter where the Nexus is next time I won't be going with Verizon. Prob Sprint, Credo or T-Mobile.

The Strong Help The Weak is a definition of Customer Service

Some time ago I bought a Nexus phone at Cosco with the Verizon carrier. It turned out to be broken as Cosco only sells reconstituted phones. I bought the first phone out in Contra Costa County. I cam back to my sort of (Richmond) local Cosco as I thought Cosco was like Macy's and I could return the phone there. I find out that is not the corporate case but because I knew the Store Manager so she exchanged the phone and was very nice. I find out she only had access to reconstructed phones and this one was alas not fully functioning. I went to the local Verizon store where after a song and a dance the regional manager gave me a new phone and apologized.

Two weeks ago I went to  the dentist as a back tooth broke when I was brushing my teeth so I had to get the roots pulled out. I got three large injections and have healed nicely. I walked across the street from the dentist to gather myself after all that Novocaine or whatever since it made me a little woozy. In the store I got some App information and the salesman was so nice I thought I would purchased a case for my nice phone. He put one on and could not get it off. He took my phone into a back room and cracked my screen, then told me I brought it in cracked. I said Oh... Oh Kay and picked up my sweater and left the store going to the Verizon corporate store on Shattuck Ave where I was told I had to use my insurance. My daughter went on line and filled out the form and faxed it to the asureon company used by all phone carriers sent me a phone that did not work as a private conversation phone. The only way one could hear or speak was to press the speaker phone tab. I had to figure this out myself! sigh...
I took the phone to customer service at the Emeryville store where I had to sit through a grueling 2hours while they checked if in fact it was really broken. This sort of time vulture-ism seems to be the Verizon business model. The 'customer service' Manager confirmed it was not repairable and sent out to the insurance a request  and a phone arrived in a day or two by fedex.

This third phone will not lock or turn off. It is in fact a different phone than the model I purchased. It is the first issue of the Nexus. It is both old and broken and when I called customer service I was told I had to go get it trouble shot. I feel undervalued as a customer.
This means yet more time and energy.
Right now I have a phone that I have to take the battery out to just stop it from doing searches or opening pages.

I am wondering why I am in this revolving situation
+Ilsa Bartlett That sounds terrible, but I am not suprised at all. Verizon's stores are so fragmented and are never on the same page, you can easily get different responses to different answers from varying different stores, it's like a game of luck to handle your phone emergency problems. 

Verizon doesn't care about their customers because they know that the more they wave around their banner of 4G the less they have to deal with customer service. 

I'm so tired of being disrespected and never given straight (or cheap) solutions, and everytime I walk in the store I feel like they are always trying to sell me gimmiks (such as when they convinced my father to get rid of all of our family's unlimited data plans with instead a shared plan of 8GBs among 5 people.... 

Once my contract with Verizon is up, I am moving to greener pastures, because no amount of service is worth being treated with such disrespect. Just because your a big company doesn't mean you can just forget about your customers. Verizon has TERRIBLE customer service and constantly screws them over...
We certainly DO care about our customers! If you have any needs, we are there to help you whether it be in store, over the phone, on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, chat, etc. Please keep in mind that authorized retailers are not Verizon Wireless stores. They operate independent of Verizon Wireless and have their own means of acquiring phones (which may be refurbished), different fees, etc. IIsa, you mentioned that your phone does random searches by itself. I'd like to see if we can get you out a different replacement (given that the phone isn't physically damaged). Please email me directly at with "Attention ^MS" in the subject. Include your name, wireless number, and a good time to call. I'll reach out to you as quickly as I can. I look forward to resolving your equipment concerns. ^MS
+Verizon Wireless Customer Support glad to see some fan outreach. 

I'm pretty sure I'm never getting unlimited data back, and I'm honestly done trying to argue that back so I've given up that fight. 

But how about addressing some questions regarding the Galaxy Nexus, and why your company pulled Google Wallet from the market after it was available and fully functional for a brief period of time. It was awesome and convenient when I used it and was terribly upset to see it pulled. There are rumors that your company did so to prevent competition for its upcoming Isis app, and you have not answered why or why not.

Will I receive any luck/answer to that?
Today I got an email from a manager telling me that due to my communication on G+, Yelp, and Facebook Verizon is buying back my contract! So how do I get my money back? I feel abused and used. It started when a manger told me I came in with a broken phone when he had cracked my phone face! How do I start some action so that I and others who are mistreated and who have had their energy drained by time grueling non customer service get payment for pain and suffering? Let's organize and make the big company be more careful or loose ... Now I have to think which company will offer real customer service...and what to do with my 'reconstituted' not new, not truly working phone?
+llsa Bartlett your getting out of your contract and that should be it. If you paid full price for your phone then ask them to refund your money for it. If it was subsidized then they just let you leave.

Verizon will absorb the etf and lose your future business.

There are no more class action so it's small claims only or arbitration.

I paid full price and also paid out 99 $ for the bogus handset sent by insurance and All the Pain and suffering with Horrid staff!
+llsa Bartlett then it's small claims and find another provider. I am sure they will pay you for what you list. But as I said you will not be able to get service from them in the future. 
The first 2 phones did not work. They came from Cosco
John a district manager replaced the phone with a good new phone.
The franchise Verizon store cracked the screen of the good phone
The time and energy involved in getting service from any of the employees who work under the Verizon Banner was draining and toxic.
I was sent a phone from insurance which I paid 99$ for. It was unfixable by the customer service manager.
They sent me a 5 phone from another source.
I had to fight and spend hours at every intersection.
Verizon Did not take responsibility for the bad phones.
One manager told me she would not talk to me! She had me escorted from the store! She did this instead of taking responsibility for the bad product.
I am recovering from a life threatening disease. I am recovering slowly. I am exhausted. There is a trail about every time I tried to get service. There are surveillance videos that will show the communication and behavior of Verizon Employees
 I cannot believe that Verizon employes people who remark about a word I used and tells me how he is a christian and he can tell I am not! Please search out the files.
What could Verizon offer me that would assure I do not have to fight for service?
My Bishop told me Verizon has a bad reputation and does not deserve my business.
So many people accept mistreatment as a natural part of life. I do not accept this.
Please let me know what you offer after you spend the time reviewing the horrid way I have been marginalized.
I hope you can find the communication from Verizon that they will release me from my contract. The phone I have now does not link my calender to my computer and apps that I need for every day life will not load. I took this phone back to the store and sat for two hours at a clip ... That is unreasonable service! An entire Sunday afternoon.  I find that I am one of many people who have had the same sort of time draining poor customer service! And the phone I was sent is not a good product! Does Google and Samsung know how Verizon is sullying Their reputation through the revolving of broken phones into the customers?
How do I add usage controls?
+Nibha Kaul new android phones, you can go to your settings menu > data and you can adjust at what thresholds your phone will send you a warning or shut off data
+Haider Khan Hello Haider. Are you still experiencing this issue?  Where in India are you located? I can get to the bottom of this with some additional information. I look forward to your reply. ^RAH
Thank you for all you hard work and troubleshooting this issue, Haider! I'm curious about the feedback you received when you contacted our Global Support team, as well as your most recent comment about trying 5 different networks. Are you currently a Verizon Wireless customer that is roaming in India or are you using your devices with a local carrier? ^DGM
Usage Controls is Great when it doesn't screw up your plan. Does Verizon Wireless have their internal systems written and managed by India? It seems like it with all the stupid problems I've encountered. I'm a software engineer with well over 20 years experience and I would never deliver such a buggy system to a customer. Perhaps Verizon should hire me to fix their internal computer systems but I doubt that would happen. 
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