Put your family at your finger tips with Family Locator. Need to keep tabs on family members? Want to make sure the kids got to their location safely?
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Why pay Verizon another nickel and dime, when there are multiple apps on Google Play that already do this?
Good morning +Lee Brewer! You'll be able to locate and keep track of your most prized possesions for only $9.99 a month. The best part  is that it will include all of the phones on your account. Select the link to view a detailed description of all of the great features Family Locator has to offer...http://bit.ly/czyxKS Have a great day! ^CM 
Yeah, um, $10/mo=$120/year.  That may not sound like a lot of money to some people.  To others, yes, it's a lot of money.  I'm sure it's a great service, but you're already getting $300+ a month from me.  And according to the math, that price will go up if I'm forced onto the shared data plan because of the number of phones on my contract and data usage.
As I said, nickel and dime. Verizon really needs to find better ways to try and separate customers from their money. Charging ridiculous fees for services that cost little or no additional cost, is ridiculous and only alienates customers.
no but seriously you SHOULD sign up for this service, i mean you COULD get the exact same thing for FREE from Google, and only get it more reliable, but COME ON we dont use Verizon for reliability we use them because we like being RAPED for our money
but even not as a joke, you SHOULD use this service, because if you dont people like me will be ripped off for the money ANYWAY and it would be nice if we could rise as a people agianst this style of business insted of just the Few of us going into a #rage  
this app creeps me out.
+Lee Brewer - That's what happened to me the other day. I went to the #Verizon  store to try to give them my money and extend my contract for another two years.

They decided that my $200/month wasn't good enough and would only allow me to continue being their customer for $250/month. Oh, that is in addition to the $30 upgrade fee that I would have to pay just for the privilege of being able to continue giving them money.

I wanted the GS3. I could have bought two of them at full retail and kept my plan the way it was and saved money over buying it discounted and extending my contract.

Over two years, $1,600 to buy two subsidized phones and extend my contract, compared to $1,200 and keep my plan.

Neither of those numbers sounded good to me, so I went (literally) across the street to AT&T and got everything I had before, plus two GS3 phones for $80/month less than I was paying Verizon.

I think they are underestimating the number of people who continued to hang around only to keep the unlimited data.
Oh, and Google Latitude does the same thing as the Family Locator and costs nothing.
agreed Kevin,if I could afford to I would cancel the rest of my contract and buy a pure +Google Galaxy Nexus from Google Play.
Hmm does this app actually work? (not that I would use it if it does) unlike backup assistant that no matter what I do, wint sync any of my data. It used to sync my contacts, but when you guys came our with backup assistant plus it stoped working.
+Jade Hart If you have an Android phone there is no reason to use Backup Assistant. Just store your contacts as Google contacts and not phone contacts.
Jade, we want to get your data syncing! Backup Assistant will only sync with contacts stored as "phone." Most people already have it syncing with Google like +Jack Doyle mentioned. Please check www.google.com/contacts to see if your contacts are being stored there. If not, please reply with your device type so we can give you some troubleshooting steps. Let us know if we can help you further. Thanks!  ^MS
Google is your best bet +Jade Hart go to Google.com/contacts to see if they are there. Or, GMail on the computer and then to Contacts.
Ya I know google has most of my contacts but won't sync new ones (i think I found what the issue was) so I decided to try backup assistant instead like I used to on my old dumb phone. But when I got to backup assistant online it wouldn't finish the setup procces.
Where's the Jelly Bean update for my Galaxy Nexus?  All the other "nexus" devices (all that aren't on Verizon) have all been upgraded.....
Jade, do you get any errors when you run Backup Assistant on your device? The setup process is pretty straightforward on the device. Upon successful completion, it should show what it has synced. Also, what device are you working with? What error do you get on the website? Here's a FAQ for Backup Assistant Plus that may help out while we work to resolve this: http://bit.ly/zouatk  Keep us posted! ^MS 
Well my phone gets an error when backing up and when u go to backup assistant online it doesn't get an error during set up it just sits loading after I put an email address. I am using a rezound (which is in need of its ics update).
This is horrible. Me and my friend agree we would ditch our phones
Jade, if you still have an issue with Backup Assistant Plus, please email me at vzwsupport@verizonwireless.com"Attention ^MS." Include your name, mobile number, and an alternate number we can reach you on. I'll give you a ring and we can further troubleshoot. Thanks! ^MS
i pay my bill every month..why is my phone not working
Tony B
Because you are a Verizon customer. I recommend ANY other carrier.
Why "PAY" for the Family Locator app when you can get FREE apps that do the same thing and are even better. I tried Family locator and cancelled it for Life360 which is free and does a great job at locating and notifying.
Ang HD
1+ here for Life360!  Love it!  F-R- Double E, FREE! 
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