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Coming Soon... Umm ok thanks for tell us what most of us already know. Keep up the good work I guess.

+Verizon Wireless is not going to stop blocking +Google Wallet. Their ISIS is going to make them money so why would they unblock it?!? Just side load it, find an apk online. I did months ago and it works..
WOW bout damn time!! Just a few months later than everyone else... lol
+Pat Capello Skype doesn't have an NFC payment app does it? Skype uses the mobile data you pay +Verizon Wireless for so they make money of it I assure you that.
You don't have to side load google wallet. I have it installed on my stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus. You just need the direct market link in order to install it.
Why can't soon be more specific?
I got tired of waiting, so I'm running CM9.
+Kevin Jones How does the camera/camcorder functionality work in CM9? They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and I'd hate to break the one I have with me. ;)
+Adam Howard CM9 has been great to me! The camera works fine, and most of the new features have already been implemented.
Not really. The update page at Verizon stated the Motorola droid fast was due ICS ON MAY 21, 2012 and that never happened. Don't believe this announcement
Not soon enough. The Nexus on Verizon is a joke. Waiting 3-4 months for software updates that Google released mainstream months ago is unacceptable for a "true nexus device", which I have come to learn many VZW nexus obviously is not. My next Google phone will most likely be on one of your competitors networks.
+Jason Maguire anyone could have told you that... CDMA is a joke... the libraries are all private... Hell the Verizon GNexus isnt even really in the AOSP tree... 
This plus them ending their unlimited plan has pushed to me to go with another carrier once my contract expires. So long Verizon
D Gaff
Whats the date Ice cream sandwich for RAZR & Max users? ?
+Richard Arnold - Unfortunately, #Verizon  only sold about a dozen Bionics before they completely gave up on that device and left those customers high and dry. Sorry to hear that you are one of them.
My wife's Galaxy Nexus got the update yesterday.  Today, once again, it shut down its own connection to towers.  Only can be fixed by reseating the SIM card.  Second phone, third SIM card, still a problem.  This is a shame and though she likes her phone a lot, we both may leave Verizon after our contract is up if this can't be resolved.
+Brad Williams - This probably wouldn't happen if it were Google's code. It's not quite a Nexus, at least not the same as the ones on other carriers.

The #Verizon  Nexus radio software is written by Verizon, rather than Google, and, as you've probably noticed, the only problems with the phone (other than a poor battery) are related to the radio.

When Verizon says "It's the Network," they mean it.
So, I'm an iPhone user (I know, "ewww hisssssss!"), but I know she can root the phone and install custom ROMs.  Is there such a thing as a custom radio as well?  She really wants to keep the phone, but she's been using her old Incredible instead lately since it at least works.
I'm not sure about that part. I know different ROMs sometimes require different versions of the radio software, but I'm not sure the radio software is custom.

For example, on my Thunderbolt, I had to use different versions of the radio depending on which version of Android the ROM was based on. However, I believe the radio firmware was the stock radio firmware for that particular version of Android on that device.

My guess is that it is doubtful there is custom radio software. But, I'm not positive.
Unless were talking G1 where there were different SPL's... no... you dont need a "custom radio" you might need a S-OFF bootloader though....
and if you do flash radio... make sure you pull the battery. 
+Travis Scarangello, +Brad Williams' wife has a G-Nex. Easily unlockable, but you have to do a factory reset to do it.

If you ever get a G-Nex, unlocking it is the very first thing you should do... because doing it later requires a reset.
I get all that, Jack.  What I was wondering was if there was a way to avoid Verizon's terrible radio altogether.  It's causing her no end of grief.  She's actually going to the store to exchange her phone again today.  I hear people with repeated problems are getting RAZR MAXX phones instead and she's trying to avoid that as well (ew, Motorola...)
I don't think there is a way to avoid it. RAZR MAXX is a great phone with terrible software. Just my opinion.

Motorola makes great stuff and then ruins it with software.
+Brad Williams Was your wife able to make it to the store and exchange her device? What type of problems is she having with the device? Did she receive the recently released software update? Provide me with a few more details and I will do all I can to help! ^CM 
+Verizon Wireless Customer Support If you read the thread, you will see that his wife did get the update, but it did not fix the problem.

It appears that she is having the same problem that a coworker of mine and I were having with our Galaxy Nexus phones from #Verizon , except we both returned ours before the end of the return period.

Great phone, great operating system, terrible radio software. Everything about the phone was great except for the parts that Verizon had anything to do with.
Verizon stated that this release would fix the problem a lot of people are having with the mic cutting out mid-call on the Gnex.  As stated all over the web, as well as Verizon's own forums, 4.04 did nothing to fix this problem!  Can anyone at Verizon speak to this issue, and what, if anything is being done to fix it? 
Why is Verizon waiting to release the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Rezound? I'm sick of hearing every phone but mine being upgraded but mine.
+Travis Scarangello there al lot of leaked versions out but none released by Verizon. I have a rezound now. The last I saw was on the 22 they slipped up on the HTC site and indicated there was a released update and then immediately took it down. I don't consider myself tech savy enough to root my phone so I have to wait for the ota update
Better yet get us the 4.1 Jelly Bean when Google releases and don't play with it and delay the release to us. Listening +Verizon Wireless Customer Support? In fact you decided to roll out the Google Nexus as a pure Android device so don't hold back on us.
"It'll be delayed at least eight months while we rewrite much of Google's code to make the software work with our network because we don't do anything that is compatible with the rest of the world. Additionally, it is important to make sure that Backup Assistant is integrated for those users who don't realize the base OS already provides all of those features." - Verizon Wireless Customer Support
Where is the jelly bean update?!
I'm at the point now that I'm just going to root the the phone. Verizon has screwed us of the real experience by sticking their dirty fingers in it. Sadly I have to long to go to jump out of this BS.
Where is the Verizon customer support response?
I did jump out. On AT&T with GS3. Awesome phone.
I think Verizon Customer Support has a mute button on us +Chan Kim. They don't want to open up about them handicapping the Google Nexus system because Verizon doesn't like us having free control of our phones despite it being a Nexus phone and should be getting direct updates from Google and not Verizon. Them controlling the release gives them the opportunity to lock it down further.
So Google has released Android 4.1.1 for all Nexus devices.  Is Verizon going to lag behind 2 months again on this release like they have will all the others?
+Jake Wilson Yes becasue +Verizon Wireless doesn't care about it's customers who bought the Nexus phone. They only care about making sure they can lock the "pure Google experience" phone. I'm rooting mine tomorrow. Screw em.
My phone is now 4.1.1 and Verizon lock free. The new Google Wallet ftw!
+Kevin Gault only bummer is that you have to wipe it when you unlock. Best to do that first thing.
I did wipe the phone before putting 4.1.1 on it. Everything seems to work fine too as I used AOSP Toro LTE version. I'm guessing this is the version that Verizon receives before they lock things out like Google Wallet.
Kevin got any noob instructions on that?  Also, does that mean that your phone will now receive updates directly from Google instead of Verizon?
+Jake Wilson As a basis you need an app to root the phone so that you have superuser access. Then I found the ROM to replace the current one. Saved it to the phone and then used clockwork ROM manager to make the switch. Message me and I can get into more specifics. In all after I figured it out, it took less than 30 minutes.
Still no jelly bean on my galaxy nexus.  Can I get my contracted voided and a full refund on my galaxy nexus since I truly didn't get a "nexus" device???
Probably will. It's not a Nexus, so Verizon puts more of their crap on the GS3 and will support it longer/faster.
I like how Verizon Wireless Customer Support responds to other posts but have yet to make any comments on Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Nexus....
The wait for the jelly bean upgrade on the galaxy nexus is horrible.  Verizon is deceitful to call this a nexus product.
The ROMs available on xda-developers for the Verizon Nexus are pretty darn good. I've had trouble choosing between them all quite honestly.
Wow +Verizon Wireless Customer Support you guys need to catch up with us and let us know why you are letting the users of the Google Nexus down.

+Chan Kim I'm almost betting the reason we haven't seen it yet is that Verizon had some deal with Google that will now allow them to add their bloatware.
When is my Samsung galaxy nexus getting updated to android 4.1 jelly Bean
+David Winters - After all of the phones with VZ Navigator, Backup Assistant, Blockbuster and CityID get updated, that's when.
Verizon please get us Galaxy Nexus owners Jelly Bean. This is a joke now
+Scott Figgins, only about six people bought Droid Bionics, so they probably don't care too much about that phone.
I saw where JRO03O has released with Verizon info in it including a new CDMA Radio, but it's official yet. But as we've seen +Verizon Wireless Customer Support won't give us even a crumb about when we may see the JB update.
+Jack Doyle I was one of the fools... .:)I think there might have been more than 6 in the line when it was rolled out as "Rule all Machines" ha ha ha what a joke for sure.. Ok +Verizon Wireless you got me... 
I hate Verizon but more specifically Verizon Wireless Customer Support for not giving us any updates on the Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update.  I'm very close to rooting and doing the JRO03O myself.  I can't wait until my contract ends.....
+Chan Kim rooting is your best option. I just did it and the phone is once again awesome. Verizon doesn't know how to update but the developers do.
I can't believe Sprint beat Verizon to the punch with their Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update. Verizon is horrible, they hide behind their largest 4G network claim and treat customers poorly because of their arrogance. Its a Nexus phone Verizon, its supposed to be updated in a timely manner! Horrible....
+Chan Kim go ahead and root, you'll be much happier. The nexus is easy to root and then you can flash the JR003O ROM that leaked a few weeks back. You will never have to wait for Verizon to get their head out of their you-know-what again.
Sure would be nice to see an update on the phone I bought for the "Google" experience... 

Let me edit this to state - not 4.0.4 - but 4.1 Jellybean... Since it is just about everywhere but on my Google Experience Phone.. and I do agree blocking Wallet for no good reason is quite annoying...

You cannot move forward with technologies if constantly being held back by fear...
HOW ABOUT 4.1??? Seriously don't sell a nexus branded phone if you cant update it within at least a month of Google's release.... even Sprint has updated its nexus and they began selling after you. Shame on you verizon.
My wife just received 4.1, if we're on the same account, why haven't I received 4.1 too?

(Also, why is my Nexus device having so much trouble staying connected to Verizon's LTE Network? After two SIM cards, 4 replacement devices, several PRL versions, my phone still doesn't hold on to LTE and constantly drops my data and phone calls [approx. every 10-15 minutes]... Although a few representatives have shown sincere interest regarding this issue, absolutely no one has been able to help. For over $200.00/a month, this has been an utter nightmare!)
+Dino Rodriguez you can force it to check for the update...

Go into Setting -> Apps -> All -> Google Services Framework
You will see a button for “Clear Data”; clear it. Go back to Setting -> About Phone -> System updates and then click the check now button.

And try to check for updates...

This below is not something I tried so not sure what it actually does...:

Go into your dialer and type #*#2432546#*# - This will cause a ‘force checkin’.

You will notice that it shows “checkin succeeded” across the top.

Go back to Setting -> About Phone -> System updates and then click the check now button.
Why is verizon not updating phones that other carriers already have their updates,please don't tell me that the update process is difficult,t-mobile,at&t and sprint updated their samsung s3
+Denise Vajdak Knowing Verizon's track record, anyone's guess is as good as anyone else's... who knows? I've totally given up on "waiting around"... when it gets here I guess it'll get here. I'm just waiting for my contract to be up and I'm finished with Verizon - I'll be hitting up Google for their next Nexus device and jumping on a no contract pay as you go with T-Mobile or AT&T and receive timely updates straight from Google. That's my plan of action.
Sprint beat you guys to the 4.2.1 update, wow. Seriously considering that early termination fee
+Rick Ruiz I'm with you on that. I'm so tired of Verizon and am more than happy to jump onboard to T-Mobile as soon as the next Nexus is released by Google... I'm out ta here and will be happy to do so.
good luck with T Mobile...You'll need it
Please do tell +Julia Smith which market are you in? I'm here in New York City, are you in the same area? Networks do vary depending on which market you're located.
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