Add a tablet to your Share Everything plan for only $10 per month with a smartphone plan starting at $90 for monthly access!
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Good morning Charles! I understand your anticipation for a new iPhone 5 (I'm anxious too!). The iPhone 5 is in very high demand and we are delivering to our customers as quickly as possible. As much as we want to have some in stock at our stores, this becomes a very challenging task when we do not have enough supply from the manufacturer. I recommend placing your order online at as this is the best way to get your hands on an iPhone 5. While delivery takes a few weeks, I am certain that having this mighty device in your hands is worth the wait. Have a fabulous Sunday!
Thanks for the response, however I also did ask about my account DISCOUNT , how much would that be ? Would I get my DISCOUNT if I ordered  online with VZW as opposed to waiting till the stores had them ? Who would get them first , your stores or the order online customers ??
Great questions Charles! If you are currently eligible for an upgrade (confirm by dialing #UPG on your VZW phone) you qualify for the discounted price listed online with a 2 year contract, this price represents a substantial discount from retail price. This discount applies regardless of the channel you use to process your upgrade. You can upgrade at the store, or by phone if you dial *611 on your mobile phone and talk to a representative, or online if you process at and if you are eligible for upgrade you’ll get the discounted 2 year contract price. We do not have a schedule indicating when your local store will have iPhone 5 inventory and we do not know when they will get iPhone 5 in stock. I recommend ordering online as soon as possible to secure your phone and shipping date. ^AC
I was recommended to wait till after 10 PM eastern USA time to preorder ONLINE Now 3:40 PM eastern . Just for your info, just returned from an Apple Store. I was NOT aware they sold IPhones for VZW and Sprint as well as AT&T ! However, My local Apple Store just minutes or hour before , they SOLD out of their VZW stock IPhones as well . Best Buy has NO Iphone 5 stock in store currently either. . Apple needs to get the Chinese Factory at Foxconn moving building more USA stock ! 
I dread when its time for me to upgrade and I am forced into "Share Everything"
4.2 for Galaxy Nexus. Just another reminder +Verizon Wireless Customer Support. Winter is coming. (read: Every Galaxy Nexus owner will be leaving you for good when their contract expires if you don't start issuing timely updates)
Hal, you will never be forced to Share Everything! I assume you have unlimited data now and you are aiming to retain that, correct? If so, you can purchase devices at retail value at any time in order to retain it. If you want to enter in a new contract with Verizon Wireless, part of that contract agreement will be moving off of unlimited data. You do not need to choose Share Everything though. You will also have the option of choosing a 2GB - $30/mo data package for your individual line if that is a more suitable option for you! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns I can address Hal! ^MS
^MS I know you are just stating policy. In fact it's the exact same answer (with more characters) that keeps showing up on twitter.

It is my belief that Verizon will regret the decision to do this.  As I have discussed with a number of your peers, my monthly cost would skyrocket if I was using "Share Everything". Each CSR from Verizon says I am wrong, I'd save money.  Then I tell them how much data I use, and they don't even bother to reply back to me.

Personally, I hope you are smart enough to realize setting a full retail price of $700 on a phone that would otherwise be $200 is, in essence, forcing people off unlimited data. I am confident that I am the customer VZW doesn't want anymore- I rely on my wireless data connection all day. I use a lot of it.

I have switched all my data traffic to
+CLEAR 4G and for some reason they seem to be able to support unlimited data at a fixed rate.  (ANd it's faster than I ever saw on 4G LTE)

I am still struggling to figure out who will get my voice traffic.   My problem is finding a phone that ISN'T a smart phone that requires a data plan. Probably turn back on one of my old flip phones.

I've done all the math. "Share Everything" is financially a disaster for me. 
Its a financially disaster for most singles and couples. Families of four with smart phones and tablets that use a fraction of the data they actually purchase are the only ones that save a few bucks. Basically its a scam.
Oh, since you will ask, I use between 8 and 12GB of data a month... sometimes even more. My bill would go from $162 to $220 per month. And, unless something is changed, you can't talk on the phone AND use data at the same time. And editing again to say- I know you won't reply to this. No complaints are replied to here.  "Say no to sharing, say yes to Sprint." GREAT commercial that just came on while I was writing this.
+Kris Wise  am seriously trying to decide between the S3 and the Nexus... not sure.... I am leaning towards the S3
+Hal Levy +Kris Wise I'm obviously a VZW customer, at the moment with just ONE phone device on their old original Unlimited Plan. Soon I will be taking delivery of a second device, a Tablet . Brand model is irrelevant to question. I will be having to change my plan to cover both devices, one smartphone and one tablet. Both high on data . I am a single individual . Which VZW plan should I go with , if U were me...what VZW plan would U go with ; one smartphone and one smart tablet both high data use . Need a reasonable amount of voice . 
+Charles W. Merritt you have to look at what prices best for you. You can't get unlimited data anymore- so you just need to pick the share everything that has the data you need- or not use VZW
+Hal Levy I thought that U were against the the share everything plan as being too expensive for you ?
Tony B
Verizon won't renew my contract? I can get unlimited data elsewhere. Oh yeah... and not get treated like crap. Adios.
I am against share everything- but it's the only contract they have got... All other family plans are discontinued
Oh, Ok. Thanks for your time . Good thing for me then that I get a 15% discount . 
I should get paid for providing customer support....
I received my IPad Mini today thru Fed. Ex. From Apple's FoxConn Plant in China this morning and took it over to a local VZW store to add my IPad to a "Share Everything " plan. My monthly bill will only be going up about $40.00 a month . Never ever had a phone bill over 100 bucks before plus never had 2 devices active on one account before either !
Don't try to sell me something, be a customer support group and release Android 4.2.1 for the Galaxy Nexus
They have your money. They say too bad. Verizon are nothing short of common day theives.
James remember this, Verizon Wireless, To Big to Care....

Pass it on...
Months later, my monthly phone bill with my IPad Mini and my Ipnone 5 on the VZW share everything plan went up one hundred dollars over what it was before I got my IPad Mini. One way to look at it, my Iphone was costing me nearly one hundred a month and now with my IPad Mini it 's nearly two hundred bucks a month . Very expensive !!! Very costly.
Wow and they "claim" the Share Everything Plan will save you money... :)
Apparently, not me...but I never did any kind of VZW plan comparisons, I just went with the share everything plan.Who knows if I had compared their plans .
Yes, simple math shows that the claim that you will save money with Share Everything is a lie.
Apparently if I am any example but U'd need alot more proof than just myself and my story !
Why is it that the Google Nexus 7 (2013) LTE cannot yet be activated? In a statement made on the vzw website by Debi Lewis back on Sept. 2013, she said, "The Google Nexus 7 is not yet a Verizon 4G LTE certified device, though it entered our process in August and we expect it will be certified shortly. Once the device is certified, we will work with Google to enable the device to be activated on our 4G LTE network." Well "shortly" was long ago and other carriers allow this device. I have been a customer from the days of analog only, I expect VZW to mean what it says. 
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