Will Verizon customers be forced to Share Everything pricing? Will they lose Unlimited Data? - check below to see.
We see in the comments that some users are freaking out a bit and are wondering if they will be forced onto one of Verizon's new Share Everything plans. The answer is no. Let me say that one more ...
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Good, because as it stands for our 2 smartphones, 1 with 4GB and 1 unlimited, and 3 basic phones, we would go from $170 a month to at least $220 a month for only 1GB of data. It's a good idea, but doesn't work for us. We don't use messaging, so that has no value. I would be willing to pay the same for a 4GB share everything plan, but not $70 more. 
Really? I get to keep unlimited data but now I have to buy an unsubsidized phone? How generous.
Ahh, the fine print. So there is no reason to buy a phone from Verizon.  I will buy a phone from the free market, and keep my old plan. The customer has to do more work and Verizon makes less money. A lose, lose.
+Darryl Brooks But does VZW make less money if you don't buy a phone from them?  It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they took a loss on subsidized smart phones just to rake you over the coals for two years.
Do what you will with your plans. If my bill increases instead of decreasing, I will be just one of many long term VZW customers to abandon ship.
I am being punished because of the high end users.
+Richard Arnold The only thing that "high end users" have to do with this equation is to provide an excuse for VZW to get more money from the consumer.
Personally, I think the $100 data plan should include at least 12-15 GB...not 10GB.
If I were to get a phone from say Amazon or Best Buy, would it cost the same as buying a phone at full price from VZW? Would I be able to keep my unlimited data?
Great news Elatia! If you purchase a device at the full retail cost, you will be able to retain your Unlimited Data Plan. This will not change even if the phone is purchased from a third party like Best Buy Or Amazon. Have a great day! ^CM
Listen, +Verizon Wireless Customer Support, don't tell me that I can pay $X and share that with ten devices but then charge me more to add those devices. You're intentionally misleading customers.

For example, $100 for unlimited talk, text and 10 GB of data is for one device, not shared among ten.

To share that unlimited talk, text and 10 GB of data with the ten devices you advertise would be $460/month, not $100.
+Eric Moore - And it says you can share that $100 plan with up to ten devices! What they don't make too clear, at least not initially, is that if you want to share that $100 plan with ten devices it is actually a $460 plan, not $100.
Don't believe a word +Verizon Wireless Customer Support says.

I pre-ordered online the Galaxy S3 the day they started to taking orders. 

The +Verizon Wireless Customer Support asked me why I'm getting the Galaxy S3? he claimed the iPhone is a better choice.

After a lengthy conversation he advised me to take the iPhone for a trial run and assured me that after 14 days I will still be able to get back the original offer. He said, the unlimited plan is not going away. Our CEO misspoke....

I have the full trascript of the online chat to prove this for anyone who needs it.

I called +Verizon Wireless Customer Support and they admit to everything I said, but they still cannot honor their promise.

I am switching to Sprint and I will post this story everywhere I can.
+Moses Meisner WOW, for some reason that really doesn't surprise me. I have had VERY similar situations with verizon fios. It's a shame their customer service is so terrible and customer retention is so bad. IMHO they really do have the best service, its just the customer service culture that is really frustrating. Everytime I have a problem/question I call 5 times and get 5 different operators with 5 different answers. 
VZW can afford to screw their customers over.
+Jonathan Baczewski you think if I keep on calling them I might get someone to honor that initial deal they promised?

+Elatia Grimshaw I don't think they can continue doing this for long. I have many friends who are planning to switch once their plan is up.
+Moses Meisner thats the only way i get verizon to do anything when they screw up. you have it in writing, someone has to honor that.
Are you serious? I have about had it with you Verizon!

When my father went into your store to buy my sister an iPhone, one of the reps persuaded him to choose the "cheaper and more efficient" plan since we weren't using that much data and figured it would be better to have us at a small cap to save 16$ a month rather then have unlimited. After sugar coating the Share Everything plan, he signed the family up on the plan, thinking that the Verizon sales rep had his best interests in mind.

He had no idea that he was giving up his unlimited data in order to cross over to this new deal. He thought it was just a combo pack that was available of sorts and the guy was doing him a favor, at least thats how it was played off.

When he went back to the store to complain, they immediately took him aside so he wouldn't be in front of the other customers, and said there was nothing they could do since the Unlimited plan doesn't exist anymore and they couldn't place him on it despite being on it less then thirty minutes earlier. So when he persisted, they said they would send line into corporate and that it would probably be approved and would call when it does. After a few days and no response we call back and the Verizon store said that the request was denied (hmm... something tells me when they got that news they should have told us instead of just hoping we forgot about it) but that they would send in another request that was sure to get through. Again, no response from the store since.

I'm tired of feeling like I'm being bullied and pushed around by a huge monolithic company who doesn't give a patooey whether or not their customers are happy, and would rather swindle and manipulate then try and "win over" a customer...

Once my contract is up, so am I. After the incredibly slow updates to the Galaxy Nexus, lack of Google Wallet because of some vaporware Isis product they are working on (Where is this supposed app that is supposed to replace google wallet?!), and now this... well I'm just through.  
+Dean Masley - Your experience you described doesn't surprise me, either. They tried to punt me off of my three unlimited data plans to limited plans at an additional $50/month to boot.

I left, too.
+Jack Doyle  - I personally would have been easily able to say no if I was in my father's position since I heard about this tactic they used earlier. But for a middle aged man who is just trying to buy a phone for his daughter, he, like most, was not as informed to these sly practices and was totally unaware of the consequences or effects from switching to a "cheaper and more efficient" plan, which by the way, wasn't even why he was there in the first place. It was thrown in while he was buying another product, completely unrelated to anything he requested or was looking for. 

Absolutely pathetic, and it doesn't help that they try to wave away any customers who have any complaints, and you can't help but feel hopeless against them when your locked in contract and all they have to do is ignore you until your too frustrated to care anymore. 
It doesn't matter that it is unrelated, when you upgrade, they will switch your plan. They do try their hardest to convince you it is a better deal. But I will never be convinced that going from three unlimited data plans to a shared 6GB plan for $50 more is a better deal.
I called and called and asked for supervisors and managers until they honored my request. I've already received my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I'm on the unlimited plan.

I'm in NY and nothing beats Verizon's data coverage, so I'm happy I could keep the plan.
plus... bench marking your data uses with current devices is foolish. compare your bandwidth footprint to that of 2 years ago. its probably gone up a considerable amount. so a pool of data sounds good in theory and 2 gb base plan sounds like a decent amount now. but wait till next year or the year after that and it will no longer be sufficient. 
lois l
i hope they don't change their minds later on. they have a way of doing that.
Tony B
What a bunch of crap. Didn't know this until I went to renew. Was treated like crap at the store. Verizon lost me and my family. Hopefully my friends will move to another provider, too. Verizon's arrogance is too expensive.
Oh no you don't need to switch but they will do everything in their power including lying to make sure you do. I was told I could change a phone on one of my accounts and do it all online and I would NOT lose my unlimited plan. Well I discovered that I had lost my unlimited plan but because I was to busy to notice before the 14 days were up they refuse to restore the plan. Now I have to use a metered plan which often doesn't get reset when my cycle rolls over so I'm told 3 days into the new cycle that I'm at my data limit. VZW Customer Support promised to fix the problem but after 2 weeks and several phone calls it's still not fixed.
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