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Now this is or will be helpful to most who are skittish about setting up their email accounts.
Agree! with Richard that is. VZW sucks when it comes to customer service and support unless it has Motorola Droid written somewhere on it. Almost 6 months waiting on an update that should have long since been pushed out to fix critical flaws is ridiculous.
This post is for email use and set up.
Who cares about those crappy nexus's
So you don't get a higher ICS well the Droids by Motorola have not gotten the promised ICS version anything.

Get a grip it's only a cell phone.
And no I am not a fan of Verizon but they have the best foot print in the country if not the world.

We just have to wait.
Verizon wireless has pissed off a lot of people by delaying the Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 update and blocking Google Wallet. I have been with Verizon wireless for many years. My family, extended family, and many friends are on it (largely due to my influence). I have been a loyal customer for a long time, but the Galaxy Nexus update and the Google wallet issues are have completely soured me to this company.

The problem is that Verizon is very old school in that they don't communicate to their customers about the issues their customers are interested in. They come across as an arrogant company that sits in its ivory tower and dictates what its customers need without considering customer feedback.

The only thing that keeps customers on Verizon right now is they have the best LTE network. However, once AT&T's and others' LTE networks mature, I'll bet many switch. I certainly plan to (unless Verizon changes its ways between now and when my contract expires). I have only two, very simple requirements to be a happy customer:

1) Stop obstructing Google Nexus devices (delayed updates, blocked apps - Google Wallet)

2) Communicate on these issues (your silence on these issues comes across as arrogance - money first, customers second!!).

I don't mind paying a little more for your services, but I cannot tolerate these two issues. Unless they change, I'm gone (and all those I influence). Verizon, your feedback - substantive feedback - is welcome.
Richard, I am not Verizon wireless. The main gist is all this my device doesn't get updates as promised and as I told you it is not just the nexus. I purchased a motorola Razr which in the ad''s stated it could be updated to ICS but it never said when.
That is the point.

Also I don't use email to folks. That is a setting in Google+ it has nothing to do with me. Just change your settings.

Michael , the company can be as snooty as they want. It's because of the shear number of subscribers that makes them that way.

Until customers have had enough of Verizon's antics and attitude and walk away from them no change will ever be forthcoming it's up to you and I and others to cancel the service and hit them where it the revenue stream.

lois l
will there be a system update on the ice cream sandwich soon? since last update to ice cream, I've had to down load appl longevity battery saver to prevent battery draining to fast on the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx. i don't think its fair i had to add an appl to sustain battery when that was reason for phone purchase with long life battery. rep at retail store suggested it which made huge difference so I'm thankful but will like to keep as much space available.
Lois sorry I have two droids. The motorola droid razr and the LG Spectrum.
The phone I carry is the Apple iPhone.

All except the LG have been updated. But as I comment on constantly the carriers are not obligated to make OS updates except stability updates. If the phone can make and receive calls that is all that is required in my opinion.

All I read or should I say off topic read is the whines about first "My phone does not have ics"
and now "I don't have Jelly Bean etc."

And to the Nexus owners that were subsidize pay $200.00 or $300.00 let me clue you in, I pay full price for my phones and I don't whine about updates I wait for them to be pushed out.

The phone makes calls etc. That is why we buy them.
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