Maybe your company is part of the Verizon Wireless employer discount program. Find out if you can receive discounts on phones, calling plans, accessories and more. Check it out:
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Is the discount NOT cancelling of the unlimited data plan?
Does it work on the new iPads prepaid plans?
Hello Dionte, great question! The Employment Discount Program is not available for pre-paid plans. Have a great day! ^CM
Crazy that a lot of people at my work know nothing about it.
I own my own (very small) company. Where's my discount? What I have is a bill for over $200. when it should be about $80. due to usage over plan (with woefully inadequate, as in exactly zero, as far as I can recall or see in the record, warning that I had exceeded plan).
Hey Phil!  We do offer discounts for small companies too! You would need to have a minimun of 5 lines that have a monthly access of $34.99 or higher to qualify for a business discount. We also offer a discount on data plans depending on the data plan you select and your monthly access on your voice plan.  In regards to your usage and overages, we have a great tool called Usage Controls which alerts you when you are getting close to your minutes and or data usage allotment.  Usage Controls can be found on My Verizon just log in and click "Change Features", you will find it there.  Additionally, I can review your account and billing to see if you are on the right plan for your needs, which could help you avoid overage in the future. You can email me at with your account information, including ^RH in the subject line and I will be happy to review your account!  ^RH
"Very small" as in one line. Of course I enable tools like "Usage Control" whenever the opportunity presents. Evidently, either the opportunity did not present (until this very late date), the great tool has somehow become disabled, or the great tool has failed.
For the benefit of those who need to know, this is not the first time I have suffered onerous extra charges for usage beyond plan allowances on this account.
God verizon can suck it. Two days ago a family member of mine went to switch to att. when her line was ported over she remembered that she needed her contacts from backup assistant. Well she called verizon cc to see if they would let her get into her old account and print out a sheet with her contacts. Well verizon cc said no its not possible and that the contacts were gone. Well she calls verizon cc again later and tries again, this time they said that she could get her contacts back if she signed up with a new 2 year contract. This is complete bull shit, she should have been able to get her contacts that are rightfully hers without being forced to sign a new contract. Verizon you guys suck and i hope that i never have to do business with you again.
i have had similar experiences with fios. there is NO consistency with CC at verizon. It's totally random... if i don't get the answer I'm looking for I always just call back one or two more times until i get someone that knows WTF they are talking about.
Hello Jade! I feel really bad about your family member's contacts. We certainly can understand the convenience of being able to transfer your contacts. Since your relative's number was ported out to another carrier and the account was effectively closed, Backup Assistant can not be utlized on a closed account. The contacts should still be on her device and although it will take a little more time, they can be re-entered into her new phone. ^CM
I just now took time to look up the specific "Usage Controls" mentioned above as a solution to the problem of Verizon blindsiding my tiny business' desperately strained cash supply with ridiculous overage charges. After looking, I find I must amplify my answer above- I should have said: "Of course I enable tools like 'Usage Control' whenever the opportunity presents and when I am not required to pay extra ($4.95 per month) for the privilege!"
Please revisit your overage policy, particularly with respect to providing adequate warning to the customer. I believe it may be unethical. Certainly it is deeply dissatisfying to me personally and actually damaging to my business (your customer).
+Phil Nelson Oh Phil you didn't mistakenly believe that VZW saw you as a "Customer" did you? As far as VZW is concerned you are nothing more than a source of revenue and getting you to pay more is all they are interested in helping you with. Don't think that they value your loyalty or that spending a lot of money matters to them. You are only revenue and revenue that complains is something they tend to ignore.
Actually I have been receiving emails reminding me of usage for a couple of months. Don't know if this is a change in the general policy, but it suits me.
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