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Stefan Israelsson Tampe
Familly oriented and technically devoted scientist
Familly oriented and technically devoted scientist
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Drawbacks with functional programming can be mitigated:

In larger application you would like to separate state data to different parts of your code, which means that you don't have just one state argument in funcitons, but multiple. This tool can make the difference of a refactorization of hell or a refactorization in joy. Do you get it?

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I restructured the interesting question to make it seam less controversial. Lol I think a lot of trolls went into action

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I'm wondering about this. Any ideas?

I write poetry as a way to collect my thoughts and experiences from recent time and condense it into a few lines. As with all art, done by simple humans or by professionals, the interpretation is in the eye of the observer. I like this process and love the creativity behind this. I wish you could see and feel the way I feel and think after putting the last word into print. But perhaps even better why not explore your own creativity whatever that may be. Anyway this touched me.

Children tip toes along with the laughs of the grown ups. When the children of life and the dogs of imagination run around each other, playing. We send some thoughts for our kin, show some of our inner life and maybe seek comfort or acknowledgement in a world that can be hard or gentle depending of the face shown to us by destiny.

A blow of life on it's way. We laugh and this we must keep dear, close in our memories. We fight and work our days forward and maybe, in near future, we can be proud about our accomplishments. A simple act of holding a hand can be magic and maybe the last thing we recognize as the wind calm down at the end of it's travel. Life is magic and pain in one simple breath. Let's love it.

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I'm designing a little for native compilation of prolog code in guile. Here is my current thoughts:


Another year will soon begin. We wish happiness and warmth with lot's of moments in the sun. But yet, some of us are, just now, alone in coldness. Happiness is something you feel in the moment, Like cooking food for your dear or when you stop and look up in the sky watching the stars in between a home and a destination. Just having each other is enough for a good happy new year. Sometimes stories are told about frozen sad hearts and I want to think about them, put myself in their position and give them some of the warmth I feel. maybe I write to a pen friend that have had hard times. Say a few kind words to the neighbor in the queue in the food store. Simple things that still makes the world a little better. Sure I'm alone, but I have my kids, my friends and family - that is enough for me and I really don't ask for much more. In reality it doesn't cost much to feel happiness and it is tragic, when I think about it, that some of us walks here frozen in the soul, rich or poor.


A breath, another one. The midnight ringing is starting, something moves in the shadows, just outside the eyesight. Whispering from times before, memories from past years and people that once moved among us, touched us. We cheer and a smile of historic origin spread among us. If you listen carefully in the night you here the bells that have rung eons of years. The air is vibrating. The octaves is felt in the chest and the after-clang taste as good as an old wine. Cheers we say again, and we wash the past down and let the thought wander towards the future. Not only positive thoughts, trouble may lay ahead in the unknown. But also, always, something good ... the poetry of life.

I've started to spend some more time to digest Randell Mills GUTCP. He claim, and I tend to agree more and more as I study his work, that he has an alternative framework, that is superior to Quantum Mechanics. If you look at commentaries like from internet you will quickly see that there his theory is assumend to be bunk. But I'am quite able to understand the math and his reasoning although I struggle as I go. It is obvious to me that Mills does do things that can make mathematical sense - but you need to have studied generalized functions called distribution to see this else you can be quite easilly fooled thinking that Mills is working with objects that are unphysical and in a incorrect way.

This is the story. Let's start off with taking plane waves of em waves and add them together if you have an equal amount of them in all directions but at a certain frequency you would get the following electrical field

j_0(|r| w / c)exp( i w t)

If you kill off the electric field at the first zero for a positive radi you get sources e.g. charges at a spherical shell indicating the matching field for some of mills charge terms for the electron in e.g. hydrogen.

Now you can play a game and start moving the system and employ the lorenz transformation meaning that as we approach the speed of light and do this carefully we would see that another mathematical object comes up, namely that you will have a solution to maxwells equations with a source term being the derivative of a dirac disc like distribution, the derivative in the direction of movement.

In mathematics we often strive for completeness e.g. that all formal limits will be well defined in the space we are using - in our case physical reality. And hence these kinds of extended mathematical objects steams from assuming that space can support a standing wave together with a completeness assumption.

If we now have them moving why not assuming that they can go around in a circle and be still, e.g. captured in a resonant cavity. We now have an object that can for example due to it's fundamental simplicity form a derivative of a dirac source term in a spherical shell. The interpretation of this means that the electric field with positive energy is only living in a spherical shell.

This is what Mills called a captured photon

If you would now take this solution and throw it to the speed of light you would just reproduce the old disk like source term of a derivative of a dirac disk so the creation of new objects stops and it is this disk like object that Mills is assuming to be the same as the free photons we see with our eyes.

Note how this notion of a photon is fundamentally diffrent then from e.g. radio waves, and that this is not classical physics. In classical physics you do consider dirac measures but not the derivative of it.

Mills does not know the theory of distributions and work in stead with restrictions of equation to surfaces and sort of decouples the difficulties by looking only at the electrical fields for the photon and never write down the EM equations that they follow.

Anyhow with this interpretation for a mathematician you would be able to understand where the hydrino seam to come from mathematically speaking. E.g. we get a electrical field in a delta spherical shell that mimics in strength an effective higher central positive charge which forces the electron closer just as he writes down in his book.

Now, for a normal scholar, if you look at this derivation of the hydrino you would be alarmed of why the heck you have an electrical field just in a shell - which look so arbritary and unphysical. But as I have tried to show with this argument enabling space to form resonant cavities containing an EM wave in a spherical container with the appropriate charge sources - assuming Lorenz invariance and completeness of limits together with a little hand waving - you actually end up with these strange mathematical objects or interface math.

So Mills theory of the hydrino is less strange than meets the eye but still calls for physical proofs in order to be accepted and that our preassumptions of space needs to be adjusted. I think that Mills have shown that to the world. And even better proofs will come the next coming year and months.

Exiting times.

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Paralell conjunction improvements. see:

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paralell constructs in prolog, some example introduced as well here

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I decided on the prolog interface for continuation return values e.g. values returned to the continuation of an expression. Basically the syntax is

[...] <= goal

F(...) <= goal

meaning that you inside can early return to the closesed continuation or even jump forward vis the F() version. For the spec see:
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