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Che Ba Ba (Che Thung) is one of  Vietnamese dessert recipes with a coconut milk soup base and square pieces of taro, cassava and sweet potato, a kind of long sweet potato with red skin and yellow flesh. The dish commonly includes pieces of tapioca, and the dish is typically eaten warm, but can also be eaten cold.

Taro: 1 kg
Sweet potatoes: 1 kg
Cassava (tapioca): 1 kg
Coconut grated: 1 kg
Powder: 150g
Sugar white sand: 1 kg
Pineapple cucumber water: 1 tablespoon soy sauce, chopped
Vanilla: 1 tube.

Sweet potatoes: peeled, washed, cut edges 2 cm square pieces
Cassava (tapioca): peeled, finely ground, stuffed first with cold water, then squeeze dry.
Flour power: stuffed with boiled water into a plastic block. Laminates 0.3 cm, cut into small pieces 2 x 3 cm.
Coconut just finished scraping: Squeeze taken 1 bowl (bowl) small juice or if coconut slightly dries (due to long), can be minced and then squeeze the juice. Then, take 2 liters water on coconut juice for the second time, filtered carefully.

Boil the taro boiled, take out, and drain.
Stuffed cassava (tapioca), cells with cucumber pineapple, 2 cm diameter balls.
Taro to sweet potatoes, cassava coconut 2 liters of water creep sugar 1 tablespoon salt is based on
Pot, bring to boil. Water is about to boil, to simmer, and remove the foam.
The potatoes are cooked, soft to fish leaves pineapple, flour into the fibers. When flour floating up to
Coconut milk, pour slightly, stir well. Sweet soup is boiling, turn off the heat. Add the vanilla. 

Good Luck for your Cooking and See us more at :) Hope to see you there

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Beef Ball Pho Recipe (Pho Bo Vien)


- 1kg beef bones tube
- 1/2 onion
- 2 to 3 tablespoons chili sate
- Some yellow rock sugar
- Beef Balls
- 1 piece of soft beef
- Salt, seasonings, anise flower, cinnamon sticks, cardamon.
- Barbed cilantro, basil, bean sprouts
- Chili sauce, and black sauce
- Pho noodle 

Firstly, Iwant to say that you should do all the steps carefully to cook one of delicious Vietnamese Pho Recipes better

Step 1:

- Onion peeled, washed, grilled on a charcoal fire or oven. 
- Beef balls slice in 2 parts.
- Chili, and black sauce, ladle pho into the bowl.
- Washed beef, sliced ​​to suit your taste.

Step 2: 

- Sate chili ladled into a bowl, use spoon mix all ingredients.
- Barbed cilantro, bean sprouts, herbs, cleaning, put on a basket to drain. 

Step 3: 

- Bones tube washed, rub with salt, vinegar into bone, dip in the boiling water once, and boil. Drop onions, ansie flower, cinnamon sticks, cardamon into common stew broth to fragrant, and then add few yellow rock sugar tunnels to have make broth sweet. 
Step 4:

- Bone tunnel for 30 minutes, and then scoop each spoon sate into the pot. 
- Boil until soft bones, after that you drop every beef balls on it, wait for the broth boiling, tasting again depending on your taste.

Step 5: 

- Pho noodles dip, and ladle into the bowl, dip beef into the broth, put the meat on pho. Souse the broth with some sliced beef balls.

Good Luck for your Cooking and See us more at: Hope to see you there :)

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Vietnamese Quang Noodle Recipe (Mi Quang)


1kg Quang Noodle (You can buy at any Vietnamese Market)
Kg Pig Bone
½ kg Fresh Shrimp
1/2kg half lean haft fat (pig meat)
200gr roasted peanut (smashed small)
Shallot, chili paste, cilantro, spring onion, bean sprout, vegetable.
Dried Pancake (Banh Da) (Optional).


Step 1: Peel of the cover of shrimp, clean and marinate (salt, pepper, sugar and monosodium). Wait for 30 – 60 minutes.

Step 2: Slice haft lean halt fat pig meat and marinate it (as above). Wait for 30 – 60 minutes.

Step 3: This is the main step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Noodle Recipe: Making broth. Boil pig bone with 1 liter water about 2 hours. When it boils, pick the dirty foam on the face of broth. Next, add a little salt and cook more 30 minutes.
Step 4: Use pan, pour a little oil, fry sliced shallot and 1 teaspoon chili paste (it depends on your flavor), next, add more shrimp into pan, fry until it turn pink, turn off the heat. (Medium heat).

Step 5: Do the same process like step 4, instead of using shrimp, you use half lean half fat pig meat to fry.

Step 6: Boil water, and add Quang Noodle into pot, wait about 3 – 5 minutes and pour it out. And soak in cold water in 3 minutes.

Step 7: Pour shrimp and pig meat into broth, cook about 5 minutes or wait to boil, season again to suit with your flavor.

Finally, you can serve it already. Put bean sprout, vegetable in the bottom of bowl. Then, add Quang Noodle on. Scoop broth into bowl. With this dish, you do not use much broth like Pho or other noodle soup. Just one scoop is perfect. Next, add sliced cilantro, roasted peanut, spring onion on the face of dish and enjoy. Eating with dried pancake (Banh Da) is perfect in rainy days.

Good Luck for your Cooking and See us more at:

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Vietnamese Roasted Pork Recipe
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