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Wiced Sense Firmware 5.1 available with:

* battery life improvement
* Fix for Sense 2

See link:!topic/skeye/H0X8hhvi9_A

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Note that the newer versions of SkEye require Bluetooth permission which, by the way, was very regretfully added.

The Bluetooth permission is required to connect with Remote sensors, which is a new feature described here:

In the future, it might be possible to separate the remote sensor feature into a separate app that works along with the main SkEye app. But until then, the new permission is required :(

SkEye release 6.9.2b

There were a couple of beta releases since previous release, hence I am including their change logs too:

6.9.2b (17 Jan 2016)
- Calendar widget for your home screen, showing phases of the moon. (screenshot)

6.9.1 (13 Jan 2016)
- Support for corrected firmware of Wiced Sense

6.9.0 (Dec 2016)
- initial support for TI SensorTag2
- store accelerometer calibration separately for each device

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3-axis calibration

+Steve Dowd shared with us a new way to calibrate the magnetic compass; for those times when the simple figure-8 calibration is just not enough!
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A new feature is being developed in SkEye: Remote Sensors.

The idea is to attach a small sensor to the OTA instead of the bigger Android device. The sensor talks to the Android device via BlueTooth.

If this sounds interesting, checkout the link below for details.

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Wrote an app review over +SkEye, a fantastic utility for #stargazers  of any skill level.  You can check it out over on +TalkAndroid!
If you, or someone you know, received a telescope this holiday season, check the app out!  Also, if you're new to astronomy, or if you're already a seasoned veteran, check out +Fraser Cain and all of his great work at +Universe Today.  There's all kinds of great stuff there, ranging from Hangouts to YouTube shorts discussing the fantastic realm of #astronomy  and #astrophysics .

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+Julian Hardy writes about his SkEye based PUSHTO setup for a motorized GEM mount.

Checkout his blog for other #DIY stuff as well!
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