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All Week 7 games Played, Time to start Week 8 of #1stNewOghamTrophy!

There are 4 more game left to play.

We have a tight race at the top between 4 teams and a pursuit by a croudy middle of the pack that will fight to entertain faint hope that a strong finish can still allow them to be back in contention.

You have until wednesday January 20th to play your game.

Week 8 Match Up :

Abdominous Mechanics (Mr Ogorki) vs Entropy System (JJape) : For their first game in the league as replacement team last week the Abdominous Dwarves were no match against one of the best team in the league. this week they will face a very solid Chaos Team. Goblins believe this will be a pretty even match up that will end as a 1-1 draw.

Waitings For The Bards! (JRCO) vs Rotten Rodent (Kodiak_Hu) : After a slow start the Rodent Skavens have forgotten the word "defeat". In the meantime we are still waiting for the Dark Elves Bards to find a way to stay on the picth. Playin against Skavens should help maintain 11 players on the field. Playin with only 1 RR should lead them to another loss. Rodent by 2.

Youngs Of Shub Niggurath (Segosa) vs Heroes Association (Filadeus) :The Heroes Dark Elves are irresistible. They are not only on top of the division, they are also the only undefeated team. Goblins believe it will stay that way. Heroes by 2.

Shield Runners (Michal aka Havraha) vs Blood Choppas (Njord) : The Shield Runners seems to have lost their passion for Blood bowl and to go from one loss to the other. Goblin would be surprise if The Choppas Orcs do not win that game.

Bash Effect (Mythrell) vs Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan) : Clash between the 3rd (Dark Elves Drinkers) & 4 th seeds (Humans Bash effect). Both teams are extremely well coached and nicely developped. Humans Bashers will be back up by pretty Babes through inducement. Will it help them ? Certainly. Will it be sufficient to win that game ? Goblins doubt it. They envision this game to be a Drinkers win.

Bothers Of Armaggeddon (Jarik) vs Chartreuse's Monks (Zeldorn) :The Monks are posting impressive performances this season, they are a solid second and need a win to keep pace with the 1st seed who they trail by Half a Game. And a win they will obtain as they defeat the Bretonnians of Armaggedon.
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All Week 6 games played in #1stNewOghamTrophy ! Time to start week 7!

Due to Xmas Breack you have until Wednesday January 6th to organize and play your game

Week 7 Match Up

Entropy System (JJape) - Rotten Rodent (Kodiak_Hu : Both teams are in the middle of the pack and after an average start are posting solid performances. Goblins believe it will be a hard fought battle in which the Skavens Rodent should have a small edge over the Chaos System.

Blood Choppas (Njord) - Waiting For The Bards (JRCO) : These Bards were an attempt by Coach JRCO to convince hisself that he could play Darkies. Well not really convincing so far. Goblins expect the Darkies will be meatball for the Choppas's Orcs. Orcs love meatballs. Orcs win.

Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan) - Youngs Of Shub Niggurath (Segosa) : The Dark Elves Compulsive Drinkers are chasing the top places. They are very efficient currently and at this TV, they have the better match Up against Chaos. Drinkers by 2.

Chartreuse's Monks (Zeldorn) -Shield Runners (Michal aka Havraha): After a slow start the Orcish Monks have been brutal and impressive. They are currently 2nd and Goblins wonder if someone can stop them now. If someone can , it doesn't seem to be the Brettonians Shield Runners. Monks By 2.

Brothers Of Armageddon (Jarik) -Bash Effect (Mythrell) : After a strong start the Brettonians of Armageddon have had some set back recently. Same is true for the Bash Humans, but for the humans it may have just been an accident. Who will rebound ? Goblins believe these two teams are evenly matched and the game should end as a draw.

Bye Week : Heroes Association (Filadeus) please note that we have a potential replacement team so this may be subjected to change.
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All Week 2 games have been Played! Time to start Week 3!

Due to Xmas Holidays, you will have two weeks to organize and play your game. So please organize it and play before wednesday January 30th. Of course, If games are played before we will roll out the week earlier.

Please Note : Due to its small size and the fact , 1 of the participant will be on holiday during almost all Xmas break, Dead Bull (Division 4) has taken a little bit of advance and has already played its Week 3.

Week 3 Match Up

Division 1

Kindergarten Nightmares (ironfists) vs Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan) : Last week the Necro nightmare did beat the Dark Elves Drinkers 2-1. It is a very close race at the top of this division and in this clash of former champions, The Dark Elves needs to win more than the Nightmares. Goblins believe this time they prevail.

Earth liberation Front (Jarik) vs Ghazakh Khan Raiderz (Njord) :Horribilis start for the Chaos Dwarves Raiderz : No TD scored, 7 TD against in just two games. They need to avenge last week loss or otherwise their season is pretty much over. The Woodies front will play with only 1 War Dancer. But there are some beast in that squad ( a 1 Turner Receiver and an AG+, ST + Lineman). Inducement the front will receive, looks like the straw that breacks the camel back. Expect another woodie win.

Division 2

Tharce Lions (Zeldorn) vs Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) : The Bards Vampire are in that zone where the team is shaping up nicely....but still not there. They lost week 1 against the lions in a game they were pretty much helpless. Goblins cannot see a different outcome this week.

2 Fast 2 Furious (Mythrell) vs Crimson Kings (Segosa) : The Nurgle Kings needs to win that one otherwise this division will be pretty much locked both by the lions and the Fast Necro. If they abandon their elven path and act like a true bash team, Goblins believe they have a draw.

Division 3

Very close division : All teams are tied with a win and a loss

Les Gars D'la Marine (Antituros) vs Ruburg Tackle'ers (Young Nathan) : The Marine's Human have succeeded where the Norse's brutes have failed : they did defeat these hot ladies. Does it mean we should consider they are a favorite in this game ? Probably not. The Norsemen did post an impressive win last week and seem hot too. These are two equally balanced teams. Goblins believe enducement will give the edge to the Tackle'ers.

Wilderness Rangers (Soleil Noir) vs Jungle Drum Call (Mr_Ogorki) : The woodies took a beatin last week and lost a level 6 important player. All along these past years they have shown lots of resilience and an hability to fight back in any situation. But playing woodies without a bench is like running a maratahon on a razor"s edge....very dangerous. Add to that the jungle's ladies will recieve tonns of inducement and Goblins are pretty confident the Rangers will get lost in that jungle....
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Here are the first informations about the #BloodBowlWorldCup2016:

The structure we are working on is pretty similar to what has been done in the previous edition :

- It will be a #BloodBowl2 competition
- A qualifier phase open to everyone organized by the the community league (ie New Ogham) . At this stage it is not decided if a ladder competition run through MM by cyanide will be organized in parallel or not. Currently odds are it won't and qualification may go through community leagues only.
-A final tournament with the 64 best players. If a coach reach this tournament, he will win a prize, quite small at the beginning then each step in the tournament give access to a new prize (round of 64, round of 32, round of 16...). The semi-final and final would be in Best of 3 (you need to win 2 games to win the match).

Each stage of the Championship would start with new teams. Community leagues handle their qualifier how they want ad long as they don't cheat.

So as I Previously Told You, New Ogham Will Run a World cup Qualifying Tournament for the Blood Bowl II 2016 World Cup.

We do not know yet the number of seed that we will be allowed, it will depend of the number of applications we will have. The more applicants, the more qualifying Tickets.

We are in the phase we need to identify who will want to participate.

The tournament structure will depend on the number of applicants.

The rules applied will be the general Rules, New Ogham uses for all its tournament. So it will be :

- Fresh (<= 1000TV) teams only, with progression as per the current ruleset.
- OT as per the game (in BB2 it is LRB rules which is a penalty shoot out)
- 4 minute turns only

If you are willing to participate please leave a message in Sign Up section of the #NewOghamWorldCup2016QualifyingTournament or #NOWC2016 between friends.
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All week 1 Games played in #SeasonXXI, Time to start Week 2 !

You have until Wednesday December 15th to play your game

Week 2 Match Up

Division 1

Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan) vs Kindergarten Nightmares (ironfists) : The Dark Elves Drinkers just start back from where they left off, with an impressive win against Chaos Dwarves. In the meantime the Necro Nightmares were forced into a draw. They need to win if they want to be well placed when moneytime will start. The Necro have an history of struggle against Elves, so goblins believe this one belongs to the Lions.

Ghazak Khan Raiderz (Njord) vs Earth Liberation Front (Jarik) : The liberated Wood Elves looked solid in Week 1 But will it be enough to dance around the Chaos Dwarves Raiderz ? Goblins believe the Raiderz do rebound from their disapointing start and win 2-1.

Division 2

Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) vs Z Fast 2 Furious (Mythrell) : It seems to be an ever ending rebuilding process for the Bards. Obviously last week Game proved that they are not ready to compete this season. As they face their worst foe (a necro team), do not expect a Vampire win this week.

Tharce Lions (Zeldorn) vs Les Crimson Kings (Segosa) : The Lions did post an impressive win in their season opener. This week will be a real test against the Nurgle Kings. Goblins believe this game will end as a draw.

Division 3

Ruburg Tackle'ers (Young Nathan) vs Wildernes Rangers (Soleil Noir) : The Last two coaches to play in the superbowl do meet again for a rematch this week. But this Time the last winner won't be favored by the bookies. Its Rookie Norse team will be backed Up by A mountain of inducement that will make them competitive, but Goblins believe that because of the lack of tackle skill they will fail stopping the Woodies Rangers.

Les Gars D'la Marine (Antituros) vs Jungle Drum Call (Mr Ogorki) :The development of the Marines Human team is slow. Too Few tackle will mean they will have a hard time against the blodge amazons. Especially as these ladies knows about bloodbowl like their last week win proved it. Jungle Drum will call for another win this week.

Division 4
The Heroes Of Newerth (Hamboy) vs Jacula's Demons (Segosa) :Both unexperienced teams. At This TV the Khorne Demons lack block skills, which gives them a small edge to their necro opponent.

Dummy Flings (JRCO) vs Skull Spiders (Soleil Noir) : The Flings played a fling game and were able to avoid defeat in week 1. Goblins do not believe that another miracle is possible. The Spiders win this one.
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Every Games have been played in our first #BB2 competition #1stNewOghamTrophy. Time to start Week 6 !

Unfortunately One of the coaches has decided to leave the league so we will have a team that will have a bye. This bye will be counted as a Win in BBM.

Week 6 match Up

Bothers Of Armageddon (Jarik) - Entropy System (JJape) : Both Team are currently in the middle of the pack and wants to win to chases first places. The Armageddon Bretonnians at this TV seems to have a small edge over the Chaos system.

Chartreuse's Monks (Zeldorn) - Bash Effect (Mythrell) : Thes Orcish Monks are currently as violent as they are Hot. Same can be said about the Bashing Humans. These teams are currently Tied at the second spot of the division. The Winner has a shot at 1st place. Goblins can't see a clear cut favorite in this one and expect a draw.

Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan) - Shield Runners (Michal aka Havraha) : Both these teams are respectively 4th and 5th. the winners will remain in good position to battle for the top spots. Goblins Believe The Dark Elves Drinkers will prevail over the bretonnians Runners.

Blood Choppas (Njord) - Youngs Og Shub Niggurath (Segosa) Another battle between Tied teams, Tied at the 8th spot. At this TV Match Up rarely favored the Chaos side, so Goblins believe the orcish Chppas will win this one.

Heroes Association (Filadeus) - Waiting For The Bards (JRCO) : Battle of Dark Elves. At this stage the suppremacy of the Heroes over the waiters is uncontested. The Heros are currently leading the league, Goblins expect the consolid their first place with a win.

Bye Win : Rotten Rodent (Kodiak_Hu)
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Everybody has joined its league assignment.

Unfortunately 2 new Coaches have been a no show so we remain on the 4 divisions 4 teams format with double round robin. Best two teams of each division will make the #PlayOffs.

You have until wednesday December 9th to play your game. Please arrange RDV with your opponent on the scheduling thread.

Common time used in this league is #OGT which is currently GMT+1.

After Your game, 1 of the two coaches have to upload the result under BBM. See Blood Bowl Manager section for how it works, league name and address to upload. If For any reason You can't , I will upload the result manually.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Here are Week 1 match Up

#Bloodweiser Conference

Division 1

Earth Liberation Front (Jarik) vs Kindergarten Nightmares (Ironfist) : Last season The Necro Nightmares fell in the play offs against an High Elves team. Elves are Elves so the necro are out for a bloody revenge againt the woodies Front in the season opener. Goblins believe that the team with the leaping wolf will prevail.

Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan) vs Gazakh Khan Raiderz (Njord) : The Dark Elves Drinkers are back in the league and have all intentions to re-establish their supremacy. Expect a warm welcome and lots of hot hugs from their Chaos Dwarves opponents in this game. As the two teams are banged up entering the season, Goblins believe this game will end as a draw.

Division 2

Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) vs Tharce Lions (Zeldorn) : The Vampire Bards are in perpetual reconstruction mode. As always you can expect the unexpected from Vamps, but currently Goblins believe the Bards have not the tools to stop the High Elves Lions. Lions by 2.

Les Crimsons Kings (Segosa) vs 2 Fast 2 Furious (Mythrell) : The Kings also known as Nurgle's Favorite Elves will face a Furious Necro team that is making its come back this season.Goblins belive it will be a furious struggle and a draw.

Division 3

Ruburg Takle'ers (Young Nathan) vs Jungle Drums Call (Mr Ogorki) : Norsemen and Zons are back in the league and will put on a show this week. Two good coaches, including the reigning Superbowl Champ (Young Nathan) and 2 season's ago Runner Up. At low TV, it is believed Norse have a better match Up than Amazon's, so don't call them macho, but they will favor the norsemen in this game.

Wilderness Rangers (Soleil Noir) vs Les Gars D'La Marine (Antituros) : The Rangers are resilient. After taking a beatin in the play offs last season and falling short in the superbowl, you see no sign of them giving up. They should have an easy game this week against a human team which is well coached but still young and Tacleless.

#DeadBull Conference

Division 1 (Nota in BBM it is named Division 4)

The Heroes Of Newerth (Hamboy) vs Skull Spiders (Soleil Noir) : Clash of Rookie Necro teams. One with a Rookie coach, One with a veteran Coach. The Rookie Coach may still be unbeaten, Goblins believe the experience of their coach give The Spiders a small edge in this game.

Jacula's Demon (Segosa) vs Dummy Flings (JRCO) : Flings are back in the league. Beware or they will eat your soup and steal your vegetables !They may be called Dummy, they are for real. First game first win ? No way, Goblins favor heavily the Jacula's Khorne demon in this game.
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Hopefully everyone already know that we will be moving to new forums for next season.
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Goblins at Goblin Plus reminded us that they haven't received any news about our first look into new and improved blood bowl, some might even say that game is brought to new level and could be called #BB2 .

So our first competition on that side is #1stNewOghamTrophy  and it is currently in week 5.

Week 5 Match Up

Entropy System (JJape) vs Waiting For The Bards (JRCO) with a big win last week the Chaos system is back to 0.500. After a good start the Bards Dark Elves are fading away with 2 consecutives losses. Will they lose 3 in a Row ? Goblins believe that the Drak elves have the better match Up and go back in the winning column.

Blue Iguana (Mbeige65) vs Youngs Of Shub Niggurath (Segosa) : Both team are currently bottom feeder and need a win to start a come back to contention. In this game between Lizards and Chaos, Goblins believe Lizardmen have the best match up and believe the blue iguana will prevail.

Rotten Rodent) (Kodiak_Hu) vs Shield Runners (Michal aka Havraha) : After a great start the Bretonnians Shield runners seems to cool off with 2 losses in a row. In the meantime The Skavens Rodent are heating off. Goblins Believe the Skavens rise will keep going on and they will prevail in this one. 

Heroes Association (Filadeus) vs Bash Effect (Mythrell) : current best two teams clash this week. Will the humans Bash effect continues to impress ? Not sure, goblins believe the Dark Elves Heroes will be heroic and take the league lead with a win. 

Blood Choppas) (Njord) vs Brothers Of Armageddon (Jarik) : The Choppas Orcs have understood how fun it is to punch but still haven't understood the interest of bringing the ballinto the end zone. Goblins believe they will understand that important rule ... sometimes one day. But probably too late to avoid the loss in this one. 

Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan) vs Chartreuse's Monks (Zeldorn) : This used to be a classic match up in the old days of BB1 New Ogham. Both Teams are hot. Goblins believe neither the Dark Elves Drinkers, not the Orcs Monks will prevail as this game will end as a draw.
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Seems that our forums have died and they still show no sign of beeing usable. We have our Slack channel ( but you must be invited to join using your email.

So if wondering where the forums went and still not in Slack post us message (remember to set recipient to not public)
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