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yes .... again :)
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Road, rail and sidewalk bicycling :)

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And this is true in a number of other cities too! 
Dear London

An Open Letter To London
And the majority of big cities around the word.

"Dear London,
When did you stop looking?
When did others no longer become important?
Having spent only a short time in your city I was fascinated by the fact I could shoot peoples images and hardly anyone would even notice the camera I was wielding. Everyone was wrapped up in their own little world and anything outside of that simply either didn't exist or warrant a second look. As a street portrait photographer is was a great place to be, so many subjects so easily captured.  

But when you stand back and just watch you realise that living in bubbles simply numbs the populous. Time and time again I saw people rushing to get some place else, eyes transfixed on nothing but the road ahead or down at a screen. You're no longer able to see what is around you. Did anyone see the street performer dressed in dirty clothes with a harmonica stash a few cans of strong larger away in his coat? Fuel to numb the day.  Did anyone notice the old dear counting out the coins she had before going into the shop, hoping that she had enough to possibly eat something.  

Did anyone notice him, sat a table, drinking tea, trying to make it last so he at least had somewhere to sit. The clothes he wore ripped and dirty, the rubber band worn not over just the one glove but both, neither glove matching the other. Business men sat next to him but he's not really there.

life is easier to deal with when you stop looking, it stops being important and you get to go about your life without any feelings for what makes you uncomfortable. But because you choose not to look does not stop it from happening, you see it in your peripheral vision and the constant desire to not acknowledge makes it all the more obvious. You seem though to have grown hardened and weary and in doing so you are losing you humanity.

All it took was a nod and a smile, in return I got a smile back.

Dear London, its time to open your eyes again.
Mike Shaw"
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Christelle Samraj

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I've worked for this company for a few years, and I make sure that I'm still surprised at what it does for its employees and I make sure I remind myself of how non-normal this is.  Most of the time we see what is around us and we become sensitized to it and we forget what reality is. 

I highly recommend staying connected to reality. 

My little lesson for the day comes from having walked into to the micro-kitchen after lunch and there's a professional barista there who made me this incredibly delicious strong coffee. She even made me a little heart. It brought a big smile.

As I walked away I reminded myself that this is not normal. This only happens at a very small number of employers at the world. That reminder deepened my appreciation for Google.

Your trigger might not be coffee, it might be free lunch or an extra half day off or a new computer or a new HR benefit or a wonderful boss or a satisfying project or the opportunity to give a speech or paid time to volunteer in your community or..... one of so many different things that every employer provides. 

Take a  moment. Remind yourself to appreciate it. Because the fact that you have it is non-normal. 

#motivation   #perspective  
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Christelle Samraj

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Some insights there! :)
How did you meet your future spouse? Long term insightful trend for where we find our romantic partners.

For same-sex couples it makes 100% sense that the internet rules. Way too much prejudice out there, way too many closed minds, way too many consequences. What breaks my heart is that even the Family line is so low, and sadly getting lower over time. I would hope that our families would at least be more understanding/helpful/supportive.

For hetrosexual couples... losing influence column contains church (almost eliminated as a source, so stop going to church to find a partner :)), Primary or Secondary schools (crushes != romance :), neighbors, colleges (this is surprising, it's where I found mine), co-workers (never a good idea!), friends (really surprising), family (works in my country, India, I don't think ever worked here).

In the winning column for hetrosexual column... The internet and.... bars!! The first I understand. The second makes me sad. We can't be a pick up culture. We just can't!

There is an implication here that we are becoming more "self-sufficient" or "alone" in finding out partners. That makes is a little sad. Friends, family, college peers are good ecosystem to be introduced to a wider circle of people and their recommendations can help ease our quest for finding the One. The fact that we have to take so much weight upon ourselves seems sub-optimal. What do you think?

Interesting data for all marketers regardless of the business you are in. The world is changing. We have to adapt. 

Source: American Sociological Review:
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Christelle Samraj

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Christelle Samraj

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Driving down to Bangalore
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Call me sis 
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Christelle Samraj

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Dilbert on Data Accuracy

I'm confident you are going to LOL, yes, I said LOL (!), when you read these three strips. But I wish I could tell you how extraordinarily well they reflect reality.

And while we are on the topic, here's a post on strategies to overcome the web metrics data quality challenge: Slay The Analytics Data Quality Dragon & Win Your HiPPO's Love!:

#dataqualitydragons   #haha  
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You may be right - I may be crazy!
A bundle of mistakes. Eccentric. Quiet. Full of contradictions. Living at the extremes. 

Books. Travel. Photography. The trio that completes my life. 

 I read a lot, travel a bit more and try to capture the world as I see it. Chennai (Madras) is home and I am in Hyderabad at the moment. I hope to see as much of the world as I can. 

At work, I dabble with AdWords, Analytics and Reporting & Analysis. Making sense out of data is my definition!

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