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After more than two years from the 1.12 release, and after more than one year without news, here there is a beta version of what has been developed until now.

This release has been packaged with the classic installer, as well as the .zipped version, that can run directly from the directory and stores the settings locally (the key is the psycle.ini file).

The new features are almost entirely around Lua, including an integrated editor (check out the View-> New Plugin editor), as well as fixes here and there.

Just in case, the plugin amount limit has been increased from 2048 to 10000.
You can download them from sourceforge:
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Windows 10 has just recently been officially released, and given the ability to upgrade to it for free that Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users have, it is to be expected that sooner than later you will start using Psycle on it.
I've just done that, and so far, it seems to work well (WASAPI, MIDI, VSTs in general...), but there are a few things that pop up here and there.
First off, there is a strange problem with the plugin cache. It has to be regenerated, else Psycle doesn't start. I am not sure if this is because of some concrete plugin, or it is in how the cache is saved (i couldn't made a compare between a working and a non working one).
There is an easy way to regenerate it without deleting the file explicitly (the place where it is located depends on where you are saving the configuration):
* Launch Psycle with the parameter /skipscan
There are several ways to do this. One is opening a command prompt in psycle's folder, and then writing psycle.exe /skipscan . The other is modifying the psycle's start menu link and adding /skipscan at the end of the destination (add a space before /skipscan)
* Once Psycle launches this way, go directly to "configuration" menu and clic on "Regenerate the plugin cache". Do not try to open the add machine dialog, since that runs the process that we're trying to avoid.
The other issue is that some VST plugins might not work or crash. Aside of the problems that were already present in Windows 7 and 8 (which is that some plugins need Psycle to run as administrator), I've encountered a problem with BlueCat freeware plugins. I had to uninstall them, because they crash Psycle when it scans them. Strangely, the 64bit versions seems to work well.
I will investigate this further.
If anyone find any other Windows 10 related problem, just post it here or in the boards.
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Psycle version 1.12.1 beta has been released.
This time, we've made available a zipped folder that can be run directly without installation, so it is good to test without changing your current setup.

It should be stable, but some changes haven't been tested extensively. It contains improvements to use samples and instruments with sampler and sampulse.
It also contains a new host for LADSPA effects (not fully tested yet) and improvements on the Lua Host that was added for 1.12.
It also fixes some bugs that were found since the release of 1.12.
See the whatsnew.txt file in the Docs dir for more information.

It can be downloaded from sourceforge at the location
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Yet another quick update about development.
Some improvements are being made on the sampulse/sampler side of Psycle. Saving .wav now uses the "INST" and "SMPL" chunks, which means keeping the volume and pitch as well as the loops, and changes are being made for the loader to load transparently samples and instruments, including instrument preview (playback on click, like with samples).

Overall I am not spending much time on developing and this is the main reason for the slow updates.  I don't have yet a timeline for the next version, 1.12.1, but I would like to release it before summer.
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This is a quick update to let you all know what is going on with Psycle development:

A LADSPA host has been added, although it isn't finished yet.
There are more changes in the LUA host, which will allow to make more complex plugins.
There are some improvements in Sampulse, as well as more filter modes usable in both, sampler and sampulse.
Some APIs have been updated. ASIO 2.2 to 2.3, STK from 4.4.2 to 4.5 and fluidsynth from 1.1.2 to 1.1.6.  boost will also get updated from 1.55 to 1.57 soon.
There are also some bugfixes to errors that were reported in the boards.

And finally, work has started to generate Visual Studio 2013 project files so that it can be built with it, including Unicode support.This will be done progressively, because it affects many files. (This is especially relevant, now that Microsoft has released a free version that includes MFC)

With all these, version 1.12.1 could be released in a couple of months.
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Psycle 1.12.0 has been officially released.

This version is the result of the three 1.11 betas, with three main changes from version 1.10:
The finalization of the Sampulse machine and changes in the way sampled sounds are used, including the Virtual Generator feature (See the help manual for information), a new machine host based on Lua scripting (see the LuaScriptingManual and the included scripts for information), and finally, a new skin as well as new skin options for skin developers (pattern header with track names, and ability to skin the mixer and the master)

It can be downloaded from the files section of sourceforge :
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This is a quick update to say that the release 1.12 is still on the way. This weekend I've been updating the help file, and once that is done and a couple of bugs more are fixed, it will be released.
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"Phew"!  The virtual generators feature is finished and working!
I am finishing the modifications on usability and verifying that there isn't anything broken.

Summary of changes:
* Virtual generators (indexes from 81 to FE usable as "virtual generators"). They appear in the generators combobox and can be used in the pattern.
* Sampler and Sampulse instruments have an option to assign them to a virtual generator index and sampler/sampulse machine that it will use to play.
* "aux" column is working properly as a volume column with virtual generators.
* The different modules load and use the virtual generators. It is important to know that some pattern rows do not use virtual generator indexes, because of "previous unknown" (data in the pattern without specifying which instrument it uses), or special meanings (see in the tweakings and commands documentation, the Sampulse command part to know more about this).
* note duplicator machines support virtual instruments (this might be useful now, think about multi-osci samples)
* Sampler machine implementation modified. Now it supports the mcm command correctly (needed for the volume column of virtual generators), and also added the portamento to note command.
Psycle 1.11 forthcoming features
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Development is ongoing to release another beta, 1.11.4.
This beta will feature an option to make even easier to use sampled instruments: They will be usable directly as a generator in the pattern editor.

The feature, which will need to be enabled individually for each sampler or sampulse instrument, will make available the range from 80 to FE ( 128 to 254) of the generator column for "virtual instruments". In other words,  a sampled instrument will have a generator number, like 84, and be configured to use a sampler or sampulse machine, like 03. In the pattern editor (and selectable from the generator droplist), using the generator 84 will play the configured instrument with the sampler 03.

And since the aux/instrument column will be free in these virtual instruments, i am adding changes so that it becomes the volume column. This will be extremely useful for Sampulse. (Module importing will also use this feature).

Since this implies changes in the places where pattern data is handled, I am also making changes in how data is entered in the pattern, or played from keyboard/MIDI. This should harmonize a bit the small differences, and I will try to make realtime recording slightly better.

Also, there will be a small fileformat change related to sampled instruments. It should allow to do format changes more easily. All songs will be loadable in Psycle, so it is more a 3rd party (or Winamp plugin) issue than anything else.
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The third iteration of the 1.11/1.12 version is ready for download.

This one includes mostly usability improvements and improved sample format support, as well as several fixes to previous beta bugs.
It also adds a new skin feature to allow showing the pattern track names in a skinned form.
Take a look at the whatsnew.txt file for more information.

The 32bit and 64bit installers are available in the files section of sourceforge.

This beta can be considered a release candidate.

Btw, don't forget to check the demo song!  ( .psy available here: http:// )
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