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CUPS states "Added support for 3D printers (basic types only, no built-in filters) based on PWG white paper." on - Does anyone have a clue what does that actually mean?

Hi, I'm looking for a dependency solving library in pure Python. Something like libsolv, but installable directly from PyPI. Thanks for tips.

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So #fedora   #flock   #flocktofedora  has finally ended. This is how I feel. (Image credit Umberto Salvagnin)

alias.deltag=!sh -c '[ -z $1 ] && exit 1; remote=${2:-origin}; git tag -d $1; git push $remote :refs/tags/$1' -

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I'm using GLUT and OpenGL. I would like to display first command line argument (file path) in the window titlebar.

I do it as follows:

char arg1[100];
int window;
strcpy (arg1, argv[1]);
strcat (arg1, " - viewstl");
window = glutCreateWindow(arg1);

It works. But if the argument contains unicode characters (beyond ASCII), they are badly decoded in the titlebar. I was googling, but it seems either nobody had a similar problem, or I don't know how to name things properly.

Running on Linux, UTF-8 locales.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Best thing ever. We should all be worried!
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