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Slogans are gaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Slogans are gaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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I need some help with camera intents.
I have an app that uses camera intent to take photos.
Phones are Moto G3 with Android 5.1.1
We use an app different than the default app that comes already installed in order to take the photos (
The default camera app is disabled.
Everything works fine until all of a sudden when users try to take a photo, the error "Can't connect to the camera". This error message is different with different apps (I think Google's camera error says something about the camera being busy). It seems to be happening at random and not very often, like 1 out of 500 times.

I understand that if devs use camera API and somehow resources of the camera aren't freed, this sort of things can happen. 

Could it be that the app doesn't handle camera intents correctly?(I don´t think so)
Do I need to free camera resources in my own OnActivityResult?(I don't think so)
Freeing the camera by myself would be the worse but can I even do that?(I don't think so either)
Is it an Android issue?
Can I do something about it besides restarting the phone?

I appreciate any kind of insight you can share, thanks guys!

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Bye bye Googre Prus, see you next time. n_n

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Cuando estaba enfermo en el Bejeweld Blitz alcancé una puntuación mágica y poderosa de 259,950. XD nomás el servidor de Google se enteró
This is Francisco's highest score of the week and they will earn their next medal at 300k.

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Vlog #3, nominado al oscar por mejor edición y producción por +Julieta Campos No pueden perdérselo n_n

Cuando un INGENIERO quiere ir al BAÑO el BAÑO lo atiende...
Cuando un INGENIERO quiere CHUPAR se va a ir a CHUPAR.....?????
Nel aguanten déjenme checar mi Facebook, algo estoy haciendo mal. XD jajaja

wooooooooooooow ahora con los jueguitos todas las señoras de 40 se van a pasar para acá también \(n_n)/

Motivos para presumir cáaaaaaaaaaaaaaamara Google XD jajajajaja

Circulos creados "novia1", "novia2", "novia3". Eso no se puede hacer en FB o al menos no sé cómo XD

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