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An one hour discussion around Pivotal Spring Boot. 

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WTF - Microsoft Social API won't let you get your contacts emails and has no ability to invite them. What is the point of a contacts API then?

Never do business with 3 UK.

This is why I will never again do any business with

My wireless broadband service expires after 2 years. I call them up to cancel and they offer me a deal on the iPad 16 gb that gives me unlimited data for £20 a month and £0 device fee.

I am tempted, the customer representative takes my details. I then get a call from the same customer rep saying that this device is out of stock. I tell them to go ahead and cancel the order. She tells me that it will be in stock in a week, and that they will call us right away when it does.

Two days later, customer rep calls while I am away and says to my wife that they have an iPad 64 gb, at the low low rate of £30 a month ( WTF ) and it only costs £150 to get it. She reinforces that it is exactly what I want and she will send it right away.

I hear about this, I'm furious. There is no way I am going to pay that much money for a previous generation machine. I call back 3 hours after they call me and tell me to cancel this account and refund my money.

CR- 'Oh no, sir. Once the order has been placed it goes out of our warehouse'.
Me- 'Has it been shipped yet'
CR- 'Oh no sir, it goes out in the next 5 business days'
Me- 'And you can't cancel the order'
CR- 'No, nothing we can do, you have to wait for the iPad to arrive and send it back, then you'll get automatic refund'

At this point, getting through to tech support takes about an hour.

We get the iPad and I call them to return this right away. They send me an envelope and we ship the iPad off. The customer service rep guarantees that I will get this refund right away.

At this point, I am making calls to Three so often that I got a free pay as you go card just so I am not billed for listening to their crap hold music.

Three weeks go by, no refund. We call the company and they say : ' I see that you have credits in your account but there was no request to the business side to issue the refund'. I tell them to issue a refund.

Two more weeks go by, no refund. Call customer service again: 'Oh, the money is now into your account as a credit. Would you like to have it sent to your bank?' . At this point I am ready to reach over the phone and strangle whoever wrote their corporate policies.

Two more weeks go by, no refund. Call their customer service: 'Sir, the last customer service representative didn't write a reason for the refund. So the business side of the company rejected this refund'. WTF.

'Did you have every bit of information you needed from me?'

'Yes sir'

'Does your department exist only to process billing and account related inquiries?'


'So why the hell did you not enter a refund reason?'


'Don't worry, we'll send you your refund in 5-10 business days'

It took four months just to return some device I never wanted and cancel mobile broadband. I hope whoever owns Three UK dies in a disfiguring car accident and their entire support department burns down.

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Google+ is banning people who don't use their real names.

My legal name is not Tomas anymore. Are you gonna ban me?

( If you're curious, Taiwanese passports allowed you to have aliases. So I have always been aka Tomas Lin in my passport. Then, in 2001, I became a Canadian citizen. Those passports don't allow for a AKA. My dad stopped being Juan and my mom stopped being Catalina ).

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Interesting link on some of the Google+ UX research

hey look, all my picassa pictures from 2008 are still here...
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