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Perspective Ladder by Darren Frisina
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+keyur patel
Am a little tired because of Your CAPS BOLD
Nothing against content. It's smart. Sometimes... ( :
Darren is able to capture 3-Dimensions unlike anything I’ve seen before. And this is coming from someone that has attended art school and ALL of those boring perspective drawing classes. My favorite of the four shown has to be the ladder picture for its simple lines and accuracy, however all of them are fantastic in their own right. Which one is your favorite?
Wonderful. I'd like to replay this picture.
no he's moving in one direction hahehahe
beautiful dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the illusions created by 3D art. This is a great example.
Managers are good at teaching employees how to climb a particular ladder, what to do at each individual step, how not to fall. Leaders decide which wall the managers are to use. This looks like a leadership book in the making.
That is so awesome. We are just looking at an illusion in a different perspective.
wooooow , really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wooooow cooooooool man ,,,,, i like drowing too,,,,
Idk I guess it looks too real for me to believe its a drawing... I don't exactly get what it is...
that's SoooOoooOooo AMAZING!!!!! ;)
That's sooooo cool that illusion really tricked me there for a second, there has got to be more.
n amazing art.......wwooowwwwwww..... :o
just a tiny little bit off... but otherwise, awesome. :)
so sick! and on a Moleskin notebook! hahaha
wow thats so good i actually thought there was a little ladder there
oh cool i see how they did it now :) good thinking
@Mj Elepano: Moleskine. Sorry for being pedantic...couldn't help myself :D
That is awesome. If I could draw simple things like that I probably wouldn't get anything done...
i wish i could draw like that. that must have took a long time
LeXx C
that is actually pretty cool...messed with my eyes a little but cool lol
This is really amazing never seen oone in real life though.
oh my gosh that is soooo cool!
As a pen and ink illustrator myself, job very well done.
I might have to try this. No doubt I'll waste the last 40 pages in my notebook but hey :)
Bri Boo
wow really kool! we were learning how to do that in my class
It got me at first, then I looked close
I fell for it!! I thought it was real! :P
looks very 3d.... mind tricky
i thought i was just a pop out book lol
yeah thats pretty cool, i think i know how you did it
Oh wow, I had to see this like three times before I realized that was part of the drawing. Wow.
What a great idea well executed. Congrats.
M. C. Esher would be jealous!
Dawn B.
Ooook thats COOOOOLIO!
ooooooooohhhhhhhh, mind bending!!!!!
The bottom half is much darker than the lighter half. Otherwise, this would be the shit.
that is such a cool pic. I wish i could do that
it looks bent in the middle of the page cause it gets skinner toward the middle just the slightest bit too much
Ej Wolf
That is really cool.
that's fantastic : )
Wow great job had to look at it for a moment to be sure what i was looking at
at first glance I wanna draw such illusion and show it off to my aquaintances. kidding... showing off is rude. It's awesome! I love it. Great job.
Wait a sec,did u draw the ladder or draw it,cut it out and place it there?
wow I could never come even close to drawing that!
some confused but  some how i understand it O_O
how do you DRAW the bottom part?
thats awesome! (artistic jealousy....)
awesome it looks like its actually out of the paper!!!
i wonder how this looks from other angles.
papa is that the stair way to heaven or just a nother bick in the wall 
o my.....what the........woa.
anyone can draw that just really look at it      but still cool
You should paint that on a wall to trick someone
Wow!! My master!!! Thumbs up!! 👍👍
its easy to tell but i do that stuff all the time
I am sure hundreds of people have said this but without reading and just looking at the picture all I thought was "that is cool". So uh ...That is cool.
I Wan To Know The artist WhO Do iT !! woW o_O
don't get it. i only see a 2-d picture of a ladder. the thing is, i can't see it in 3-d.
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