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Shake Your head if You want to see . . .

♫ - ?

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I can see it if you look at the side view.
Gosh, with shaking head I see John Lennon. Where I can found explanation of it?
Interesting. Can see sideways as well as while shaking head. Better the latter. No trouble:)
you can see this image by opening your eyes too wide...
What? that is amazing.. creepy, but amazing.
What should I see ? :x
I just woke up ... >.<'
Hééy, i saw a head XD ...Hahaha, amazing !
Yup, i see your face
Pretty cool...shake your head and boom you see a face in the stripes...
L Derby
i see a face, guess it's john lennon since everybody is posting that
OHHH i see! john lennon. i had to shake my brain to mush first
made me giddy and a bit nauseous (too soon after eating????), but if I hold my head looking up from the rh bottm of my laptop screen, I can both see the image and provoke concerned looks from the family dog.
I did, but nothing!!!???
I can see the image without shaking my head
Just "cross" your eyes! (unfocus your view) 0..0
ah ah ah... my eye.. gone damall.. dumell..
It should be a test to see if you need reading glasses or not.
Imagine John Lennon!
yup but i cant see john lenon..really
there should be a video of you shaking your head like a dumbass in front of the pc.........jajajajajajaj
WWWWWWWWWWow , amazing couldn't see,then i went further so i did....John Lennon with glasses it works??? who knows please comment that!!!
I just have to tilt my head backwards, why the hassle of shaking your head so violently to see it? no offence to John Lennon though!
yeah !! this is so amazing !! wonder how they make these kinda illusions !!
You could just return backwards at a distance more than 1 meter :D
i cant see any thing ...............
I see the face much more clearly if I just back away from the screen. Colour differences in light stripes or thickness in dark ones>?
coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool its awsome
I C MA SELF! Yikes.
You can also just view from an extreem angle to see him.
cool, I shook my head and have looked it from side.
For some reason I can see it perfectly fine not shaking my head with my left eye only. What does this mean.
Are they serious about shaking head? Can I shake my laptop instead? Its HDD has this anti-shake system.
Thats pretty cool! Is there a software that will help create images like this?
just tilt your screen back instead, it will keep you from looking like a bobble head....
Slightly crossing your eyes also works.
I'm already shakin my head for other things.
such a cool act.....
I felt like an idiot shaking my head in front of my screen in the middle of class... I should have just checked the comments.
i think it depends on the screen you use if I step 4 feet back I can see it perfectly with both eyes
If I shake my head like a Bengal Lancer then I see Oscar Wilde
Cool! So here I am shaking my head in front of my computer. Good thing I'm home alone. lol
One could simply shake the not maximized browser window ; )
ki mitone in comment a ro bekhone :D
Jon Lee
god jjust look @ it makes my head hurt
Didn't have to shake my head, just stared a bit longer.
You may say I'm dreaming, but I'm not the only one. Now there's 180 of us, at least!
there is someone's face, isnt it?
so all this time of me saying NO is just seeing thinks in a sharper focus
Stand By Me comes on Pandora the second I click on this. Freaky!
i'm going crazy..x_x..JOHN LENNON---->imagine all the people!
To me its John Lennon, or Pal McCartny...
I thought it looked like John Lennon. Really Cool
don't need to shake my head ... have nistagmus
@暗月之鏡 How did you did one for Yourself? I mean, how does it work?
I learned my lesson on the the last person who post one of these, Had a headache that day.
you actually don't have to shake your head just get farther from your computer and you ll see the picture
The more I drink the clearer it becomes, amazing !!!!!
Joe Kim
it's a face ! haha
nice one very tricky and nice image,
i don't like his songs but nice image and also he is the greatest of all.
hello please scan your barcode lol its insane.
Huh, freaky, i can see it easily with my head still using only my left eye. My right eye can barely tell. I think it's my left eye that has a touch of astigmatism.
Imagine, it's easy if you try :)
i shook my head too much (6.9) SOOO DIZZY
Wen i shook my head i saw a woman's face
How would one go about making one of these for, lets say, my own face?
Just put a little distance between you and the image.
It looks like an old granny!(:
It looks like an old granny!(:
It looks like an old granny!(:
I can see a bunch of black and white vertical lines! Sweet mother of god, it told me to murder the next human I make eye contact with...
I'm gonna be original, this image is the face of a young Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronshtein), who also used to wear rounded eye glasses.
i just tilted my laptop screen back more and saw John Lennon. no need to shake your head!!!
You can see it if you stand 15 feet away from the screen .
I prefer squinting, it's easier and doesn't look as crazy in public.
Cool, I love that. I would love that for a profile photo.
oh wow......I thought I was suppose to scan this with my phone at first....
i know it was a person without even shaking my head but i didnt know who it was entill i shook my head....its john lennon
OK better idea, and this one won't give you a headache or aneurism... Scoot your computer chair a few feet back and you can see it...
interesting i tilted my screen back and i see john lennon and when i tilt it forward black line segments start appearing in between the whites. Laptops FTW, i dont think any one would want to tilt their desktop monitor
I saw it instantly without shaking my head or doing anything. I can't not see it.
I got this post this morning. Can I stop shaking now?
My mind
It has been blown
it's better if you just defocus your sight

but still this is witch craft!!!
It really does help to take off your glasses.
Dylan g
i'm seeing marilyn monroe......................
Marilyn Monroe????
omg wtf is that a face came out of the stripes
someone call Alcatraz i think their prisoner is escaping
Still not sure what did the question mark mean? Connection between Lennon and 1/8 (or 0x0E)?
John C.
Weirdest part is that I was listening to John lennon when I saw this.
No need to rattle you brain. I just looked sideways and saw HIM!
amazing how did you get that.who did that awsome
That was cool a little hard to see but cool :D
HA I DIDNT SHAKE MY HEAD AND I SAW IT.......however i shook my computer many times
i can also see if look from a distance without shaking my head
S Goku
Interesting. How does it work?
don't need to shake your head.... just step back alittle bit XD
Aye Ko
ohh , You did it as it by magic.........
Wow, that was nice.. but I think I'm feeling a bit dizzy...
Yes, I saw him but what was that rattling noise I heard as I shook?
Chan Li
it's john lennon
I thought it was an interpretation of Jesus
You don't need to shake your head. Just glaze your eyes. Good for those of us who can't be arsed! lol
haha, I take my glasses off and can see it no problem :D Awesome!!!
There's no need to shake your head. just look at the object from a distance of least a meter away and you'll see the image. I guest there's a light/fine shade between the heavy lines that portrays the image. But I'm not sure.
If you stand far away you can see it without shaking your head.
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